Have a Wall in Your Home You Aren’t Sure What to do With? Get Ideas Here!

Having a well designed home is something that everyone wants. Some spaces are easy to design. Others, not so much. In order to help you decorate that one wall that you have problems with we found this article with ideas for you. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

The Salon-style wall decoration trend, emerged in 1670 from the French Royal Academy of Art and Sculpture, has become extremely famous these days. The decorating style incorporates the arrangement of different types of paintings, pictures and photographs together on an empty wall to transform it from dull and boring to beautiful and dazzling. Here are salon wall d??cor ideas that would make your walls appear more attractive than ever before.

Soothing Solution:
Small size prints like that of landscapes placed together in the form of grid against a soft colored wall like light blue can make the wall appear full and attractive and at the same time makes it appear soothing and relaxing.

DIY Artwork:
For those who are looking for easy to afford decorating ideas, here we are with an exciting wall decoration idea that requires nothing but a few canvases and metal repair tape. You can use the canvases and metal repair tapes together to make awe-inspiring geometric patterns, which would add elegance to any wall. The silver metal greatly complements the wall color and other accessories on the wall.

Headboard Art:
If you are planning to decorate the wall behind your bed, you can place some framed prints inside a square black frame and hang them close to each other, leaving 2-3 inches space between the edges of the frame. This will help you create a high impact wall.

Doubled Wall Art:
By combining two varieties of art forms like shadowboxes and plates, you cab beautifully dress up your wall in a unique way. First, line up shadowboxes with brightly colored paper or fabric and them place matching plates inside the boxes and help them stay in position with the help of a strong adhesive.

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Looking to Turn Your Kitchen Into More of a Manly Space? Checkout These Ideas!

Sometimes it can be difficult to design spaces for both men and women. One of those places is in the kitchen. In order to help you with ideas on designing your kitchen in a more manly way we found this article to help you out. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

The kitchen has always been traditionally seen as the woman’s domain but recent years have seen men reclaiming the space.

The rise of celebrity chefs such as the Hairy Bikers have shown that it’s possible to be manly and a darned good cook at the same time; making a mean lasagne doesn’t mean you automatically forget the offside rule.

With uber-sharp knives, naked flames, and fierce gadgets like the chef’s blow-torch, it almost feels like the kitchen is the natural habitat for a man. Plus, of course, there’s the added advantage of being able to decide what to have for dinner… being dished up a tiny meal that doesn’t even touch the sides is a thing of the past!

But to make a kitchen feel like your own, you need to cast aside the cute accessories and make this a true man cave; here are a few ideas on how to create a kitchen fit for a Gordon Ramsay-style feast.

Accommodate your height
Being a man in a kitchen can sometimes mean the dimensions are all out of whack, particularly if you top 6 feet tall.

Kitchen work-surfaces come in a standard height, which can be just a couple of inches too low for comfort if you’re built on the lanky side. Cupboard doors can present another headache – quite literally, if you forget they’re open and bang your head.

By creating a custom kitchen, you can request non-standard sizes, raising the work-surfaces to make it more comfortable for you to prepare your culinary masterpiece. If you will be sharing the kitchen with your other half or family, bear in mind this could end up being a double-edged sword: if the work surface is too high for anyone else to use easily, you may end up being the chef every night, like it or not!

If you are likely to be in and out of cupboards as you chop, saut??, and bake, constantly opening and closing doors can be annoying. However, the simple open and shut mechanism has been given a modern overhaul and there are now a number of innovative solutions available.

Rather than a side to side motion, there are doors which flip down, giving you an extra work surface as well as removing the chances of you banging your head. Alternatively, you could opt for the rather Bond-esque pocket cupboard doors instead. This look like any ordinary door when closed, but once opened can be slid back into a hidden recess, allowing you unrestricted access to the cupboard without having to constantly duck around it.

A nice collection
Most men appreciate a shiny rack of knives, and the difference between a chef’s quality set and a battered old block can be substantial.

Chopping can be made much easier with the right knife, and with a bit of TLC, a set of good quality chef’s knives can last for many years. You won’t want to plunk them in the dishwasher, though; this can warp the sensitive blade. Instead, simply rinse them in warm, soapy water and sharpen regularly to ensure they continue to deliver maximum performance.

It???s time to invest in some quality knives.
One word of warning: if you leave your knives to soak, don’t forget they are there. Plunging your arms into a bowl of soapy water with chef’s knives lurking at the bottom is likely to result in you losing a finger or two. And that’s not going to make your chopping any easier, even if you do have the best knives around…

A great accompaniment to a set of chef’s knives is a butcher’s block. Reassuringly solid, it’s the perfect place to chop and prepare your ingredients. Whether you are dicing peppers or pounding meat, a butcher’s block will provide a stable surface for you to do your thing.

As an extra little treat, getting the right tenderizer can really help you get a good grip. The Knuckle Pounder looks and feels just like a knuckleduster, allowing you to really give the steak a good going over. Perfect for use at the end of a really tiring day…

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Looking to Design or Remodel Your Home? Checkout These Tips for Success!

Designing or remodeling a home is a big deal. It can cost a lot of money and no one wants to make a mistake on such a large scale. We found this article with 50 different tips for success. We hope they help!

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From the article:

New Home is a dream of everyone and no one wants to leave any stone unturned to decorate it with various decorating styles which are different, appealing and charming to everyone from design and decoration perspective. Home should have comfort, coziness and style which should stand out.

However, for folks who would be building or searching for the new ways or ideas for decoration, it is really very difficult to get everything right in the first step. We will try to lay down sequence of steps which should take you down the path of right decoration style. We will also try to explain the logic and methods of judging the different varieties available in the market. However, decoration style is a subjective matter as it depends on individuals??? choice, style and personality. This article should make your decision making rather more conscious, try to provide objective opinion to ease things a bit and help you decide better.

People usually decorate their homes according to their taste and style. They normally decorate based on a single theme and style, ranging from contemporary, ethnical, vaastu-compliant or a mix of one or two main themes. Think diligently over it and decide which could be the one that could suit your way of living, style and personality.

We will try to provide home decoration guide for first timers??? as to how to start from the stage where the building structure is already been built or is already in place but there is lot to do after that before it could take shape of your dream home.

Overall Color Theme: Now even the first step is dicey as often couple fight over the choice and ultimate selection of the primary color theme for the house. We suggest that the couple should somehow try and select a color that is of interest to both. Decorating the home with a single color is only advisable when it is adored by everybody. If not, then couples should avoid painting everything in one color. Each color has its own characteristic and a hidden message that speaks a lot about the person.

Flooring: Floors and Ceilings are the most important factors that influence the overall home decoration efforts and choosing them wisely will not only be the factor which you will cherish for long but will also have bearing on ways you can go forwards in your overall home decoration and theme selection. It is no secret that as you move toward white/lighter shades of color, the overall space in home looker bigger. Keeping that in mind, we recommend that light shades of flooring material for the flats where floor to height ratio is not that much in comparison to traditional house or villas. There are plenty of choices in this space both in unorganized as well as in branded space. Vitrified Tiles, Marble, Granite and Wooden flooring are ruling the heart these days. Vitrified Tiles have bending problems in larger sizes due to which the joints tend to catch dirt more often than marble flooring. Apart from that, aesthetically modern titles can complete with any world class Italian marbles any day and also remain lighter on pocket coming at price of 20 to 30% of the prices of good Italian marbles.

Lights: Lighting is an ingredient part of home d??cor and varies according to different sections of the home. Kitchen should be well lit, drawing room can have fluorescent or bright lights and bedroom should be lit dim. Few of the lighting accessories that lighten up the room and look amazing include light shades, chandeliers, candles, and pendant lights, among many others. Dimmers to control the lighting of the above mentioned light sources are advised.

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Debating Between a Closed and an Open Kitchen Layout? Learn the Pros and Cons Here!

Kitchens are the heart of the home. People gather in the kitchen and eat and hangout. When designing a home or remodeling a home it can be difficult to know whether a closed or open kitchen layout is the best. In order to help you out with this decision we found this article for you that lists the pros and the cons. We hope it helps you make the best decision for you and your family!

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From the article:

The kitchen has spent centuries as a separate workspace usually tucked away at the back of the house. Kitchens in the past were all business ??? if it???s not for cooking, then you won???t find it there; if you???re not cooking, then stay out.

In the past few decades, however, the kitchen has mostly been opened up and turned into an active space where the whole family can converge. Thanks to the popularity of open plan kitchens, people now do everything from entertain guests to helping their kids with homework in the kitchen.

That???s not to say, though, that the closed kitchens of yesteryear have gone the way of the dinosaur. In fact, a growing number of homeowners prefer keeping the kitchen as a separate space from the living and dining areas.

Both open and closed kitchen layouts have their own advantages and drawbacks. Here???s a quick rundown to help you decide which would be a better fit for you and your home.

Open Kitchen Layout

  • Perfect for multitasking ??? Since open floor plans basically combine the kitchen, living, and dining rooms into one big space, parents can safely watch their young kids while preparing a meal in the kitchen, your example. They can even cook dinner while working on a report for work or helping out with homework.
  • More natural light ??? Open layouts are more conducive to natural light. Big windows in the living room combined with smaller ones in the kitchen can suffice to light the entire space during the day, reducing electrical costs and elevating the overall mood.
  • Makes a small space feel larger ???Your kitchen, living, and dining areas may be small individually, but opening them up to each other creates the illusion of a much bigger space.
  • More room for entertaining guests and family ??? An open kitchen layout lets you stay connected with the rest of the family even when you???re cooking and they???re watching TV in the living room. If you have guests over, you can still chat with them while you???re finishing up in the kitchen.


  • You can???t hide any messes you make ??? Contrary to what we see on cooking shows, cooking is rarely a clean process. With an open kitchen layout, the disorganized chaos that sometimes takes hold of the kitchen will be there for everybody to see whether you want them to or not. Smells and smoke will also permeate throughout the whole space.
  • Open layouts can be expensive remodeling projects ??? Think you can just tear down that wall that separates your kitchen and living room? Not so fast! You???ll need to know if it???s load bearing first. You also have to take the plumbing and electrical systems into consideration. If you want an open kitchen layout, expect your remodeling budget to take a big hit.

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Looking for Ways to Simplify Your Life? Checkout These Ideas!

Our lives are busy. Very busy. With each passing year it seems that they become even more so. If you’re looking to simplify your life then you’ve come to the right place. We found this article with 101 different ideas to help you out. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

Contentment is reaching a place of utter serenity and satisfaction with life. Many believe that the more you acquire, the happier you???ll be. However, you will often find that the more you own, the more discontented and unsettled you feel. There is too much in the world to keep us preoccupied, heightening our stress and pulling us in multiple different directions all at once. This is why many people are turning toward minimalism, striving for a simpler life and relief from all the pressures of our society.

Unlike many stories of the minimalist lifestyle you may hear, you don???t need to do something extreme like sell your car or build a tiny house to live in to see a difference in your life. Whether you???re looking for a change in your routine or ways to declutter your house, here are 101 manageable ways to simplify your life. They are sorted into categories for easier navigation.

1. Ask yourself some starting questions. If you???ve caught the minimalist bug, it may be tempting to get started on decluttering your home right away, but don???t dive in before establishing your goals. What do you want to accomplish? What rooms need extra attention? How much space do you want to free up, or how much clutter do you want to eliminate?

2. Start with a clean slate when decluttering. Whatever problem area you are working on, it is best to take everything out first. Empty your closet, dump out your dresser drawers, or clean off your desk. It may be overwhelming, but sometimes things need to get worse before they can get better.

3. Sort your items into piles. Organize as you go by designating things as keep, throw away, recycle, give away, sell, or undecided. There are some items that no one else may want or be able to use, which you can dispose of with ease. If you have a local Goodwill or similar organization nearby, you can drop off some of your better stuff there. You can also sell it online through sites like eBay, or Craigslist for local pick-ups of big items. Use the ???undecided??? pile sparingly and don???t put off your final verdicts for too long.

4. Get rid of clothes you rarely wear. Clothes that are not the right size, are not a flattering cut, shrunk in the wash or have noticeable stains, or possess some other defect that makes you avoid them should be tossed. This also applies to clothes that align with an outdated fad or items you only wore once for a special occasion. Don???t hang on to a certain outfit strictly for its sentimental value.

5. Choose versatile clothing. The easier something is to mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe, the more likely it is that you will wear it. Oddly-colored or specialty pieces greatly narrow down your choices for what to pair with them.

6. Cut down on accessories. You don???t need tons of shoes, hundreds of pairs of earrings, or a purse to match every outfit. Again, keep things that are versatile, as well as your absolute favorites, then get rid of or give away the rest. This also means showing some restraint and not caving every time Claire???s has a store-wide sale.

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Looking to Promote Healthy Habits in Your Family? Checkout These Tips!

Keeping a family healthy isn’t the easiest thing under the sun. In order to help you identify ways your family can make better choices we found this article with ideas. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

We are happy to share with you our complete list of tips for how to change your child and family’s habits.
Changing habits can be a fun family event if you set small simple and achievable goals. Each small change does add up to a healthier child and it is best to work on one or two habits at a time.

Here is a list of our tips that

  • provide ideas tips on positive reinforcement
  • promote tips for getting starting
  • offer actions to follow through on change

List of Tips For Promoting Healthier Habits For Your Child And Family

  1. Help your child set one healthy goal
  2. Have your child track their progress.
  3. Encourage your child to track their goals with lots of enthusiasm.
  4. Be patient. It takes time to change habits.
  5. Think small. You can reach any goal with one focused step at a time.
  6. Praise your child for trying to change habits. Be encouraging.
  7. Evaluate your family???s healthy goals.
  8. Be positive. Smiling is good for your health.
  9. Help your kids learn about healthier foods at the grocery store. Read the food labels.
  10. Today make over your fridge and throw out the junk.

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