Did You Know That Your Dryer Can Catch on Fire?

Fires can happen in a myriad of different ways, some of them preventable and some of them are not. We owe it to ourselves as homeowners to do what we can to prevent the ones that we can. One of the ones that can be prevented is the ones caused by clogged dryer vents. We found this article with more information that we hope will help.

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From the article:

In most homes, the clothes dryer has become an indispensable part of family living. And for families with children, laundry often seems never-ending. But, many families don’t know that clothes dryers can be a leading cause of fires in the home approximately 15,000 every year. At UL, we rigorously inspect, certify and test dryers while they are still in the factory to ensure that safety standards are met. Once you bring them home, a little preventative maintenance can keep them in good working order.

What causes fires?
One of the most common causes of dryer fires is lack of maintenance. When lint traps aren’t cleaned as often as they should be, the resulting build-up in the screen or other areas can cause the dryer to perform poorly, operate at elevated temperatures and possibly overheat ??? with dangerous consequences.

What can you do?
An important safeguard your family can take is to ensure that your dryer has rigid or flexible metal venting and ducting materials to help sustain airflow. This will also reduce operating costs and extend the life of the dryer and clothing due to lower drying temperatures.

-Clean the lint trap before and after drying each load of clothes.
-Don’t forget to clean the back of the dryer where lint can be trapped.
-The interior of the dryer and venting system should be cleaned periodically by qualified service personnel. If you notice the drying time is longer, clean the vent system thoroughly to ensure proper airflow.
-Replace plastic or vinyl exhaust hoses with rigid or flexible metal venting.

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Have a Small Space? See These Functional Furniture Pieces!

Having a small home poses it’s own unique set of challenges. Like where can I store stuff or where can friends sit when the come over. In order to help you out we found this article with 20 different furniture ideas. We hope you find ones you love!

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From the article:

Let???s distance ourselves from the typical furniture designs and expand our horizon a little bit. There are lots of unique creations out there and, although it???s impossible to know them all, it???s always fun and interesting to discover them one by one. The designs we???ve gathered here today are not just beautiful and eye-catching but also multifunctional.

The Flap Table Luxury Gold.

Have a pool table in your living room and turn the space into an entertainment area in just seconds. This table is built of premium MDF and covered with gold leaf. It serves both as a dining table and a pool table and it has a sophisticated design.

The expandable Mobile Dining unit.

Designed by Nobuhiro Teshima, the expandable Mobile Dining unit is perfect for small spaces. It can expand and contract easily so it can accommodate from 2 to 8 guests. It???s actually perfect for situations when unexpected guests come over and you have to find them a place to sit at the table.

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Not Sure About the Lighting in Your Remodel or New Home? Get Advice Here!

Knowing how much and what kind of lighting a room needs are hard questions to answer. In order to help you out we’ve found this article. We hope it helps illuminate the lighting needs in your home!

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From the article:

Design experts have provided REALTOR?? Magazine with answers to common lighting questions, which will help you better serve your clients:

Q. How much light does a room need?
A. It depends on a room???s size, color palette, and natural light and the function it serves, says Joseph A. Rey-Barreau, consulting director of education for the American Institute of Architects and associate professor at the University of Kentucky. He says most rooms should have three different layers: ambient or general lighting that gives a room its overall light, task lighting that sheds light on an area so users can perform a function such as reading at a computer, and accent lighting that focuses on a specific architectural detail, like a coffered ceiling.

Q. How do home owners achieve specific effects in each room?
A. They can use a mix of fixtures and lamps, depending on the room???s size and furnishings, as well as the desired brightness and color quality of the lighting, say Rey-Barreau.

Home owner Suzanne Alfieri wanted different lighting than the ceiling high hats and two pendants she had before she and her husband redid their dated 1990s kitchen. John Starck, president and CEO of Showcase Kitchens in Manhasset, N.Y., added new cans with more energy-efficient bulbs that worked better with the room???s different ceiling heights and skylight. He also installed sconces with shades on either side of a 60-inch range to add a soft glow.

Q: What about the type of lamps or bulbs?
A: Due to the need to cut energy use, the federal government has required that certain bulbs be phased out over time, and states have instituted regulations, too. This has led to the increased use of LEDs, which are much more efficient and give off less heat than traditional incandescents. One area where they have helped greatly is in the ceiling, eliminating the ???Swiss-cheese effect??? caused by many cans. Though they used to cost much more than incandescents, prices for LEDs have come down ??? and they don???t have to be replaced as often, which helps in hard-to-reach places such as high ceilings and closets, says Ryan Ramaker, product marketing manager at Acuity Brands. Colors have also been improved to match warmer incandescents, and they work in almost all applications, both outdoors and indoors, says Michael Murphy, interior design and trends producer of Lamps Plus, a lighting retailer.

Another good option is compact fluorescent lamps, which are slightly less efficient than LEDs, yet more efficient than standard incandescents. Incandescents are still useful as halogen incandescents, particularly for table lamps and recessed lamps. Other fluorescent lights are seldom used any more, says Rey-Barreau.

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Looking to Lay Some Tile? Learn How to Choose the Right Layout Here!

Laying tile can be complicated depending upon the layout chosen. It’s important to choose the right layout for the space you’re tiling too. In order to help you out we found this article with the different kinds of layout options and when to use them. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

Whether you’???re splurging on a rare natural stone or standing by classic porcelain, choosing a tile type is only part of the design decision. The way the tile is installed also matters. To help you figure out the best layout for your kitchen, bathroom and beyond, here are some of the most popular options.

While the word ???mosaic??? may bring to mind complex forms that create lively patterns and images, in design terms a mosaic is simply any small tile in a repeated shape (or set of shapes), typically attached in small sheets to matting for easy installation. A very common example is a 1-inch by 1-inch square, although endless shapes and patterns are available.

Mosaics are more common for accent areas (rather than full-height walls), because they require more grout. This means they can require more maintenance if exposed to heavy soil or moisture, which can be an issue in mildew-prone bathrooms.

However, they can create a rich and subtle multi-tonal effect that has the appeal of luxe stone without the luxe cost, making them a popular backsplash option.

In the case of a shower stall floor, the additional grout can be a benefit, as it helps create a less slippery surface.

In general, mosaic makes a great counterpoint to larger tiles, because the dramatic shift in scale makes the mismatch clearly intentional. (Here a hexagonal mosaic beautifully contrasts oversize Corian planks.)

When to use a mosaic layout: To highlight an accent wall, on a shower floor or lining a niche.

A herringbone pattern is achieved by laying tiles at right angles into zigzag formations or by a preformed mosaic. Either way, the look is sophisticated and has high-end appeal, even with a simple material. However, this pattern will inevitably require additional cutting of tiles at the borders, so it can create some extra material waste.

The angular nature of this pattern creates a dynamic energy, which can be perfect for accent walls but a little overwhelming if used on too large a surface.

Where to use a herringbone layout: In a traditional or transitional kitchen (especially in classic white on white), or with a long, thin tile to form a powerful accent anywhere.

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Need Some Kitchen Storage Ideas? Find Them Here!

Storage in a kitchen is a basic need. Unfortunately though most kitchens don’t have enough of it. In order to help you we found this article with a different storage ideas and what the cost. We hope it helps you add more storage to your kitchen.

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From the article:

For kitchen remodels a lot of focus goes into what???s seen on the surface, and rightly so. Cabinets, appliances, countertops, paint colors ??? these are the big players that make your kitchen look the way it does. But oftentimes it???s the more subtle gestures that will make your space truly functional and efficient.

Pantry systems, pullout shelving, appliance garages, wall-mounted pegboards and more have long been popular kitchen storage ideas on Houzz, because they can take a gorgeous kitchen to the next level. But you might ask, ???Yeah, but what???s that going to cost me????

With that in mind, here are 13 kitchen solutions to consider for your remodel or new construction ??? and how much they might set you back.

Countertop appliance garage.
If you have enough countertop space, tucking away regularly used small appliances, such as a toaster or blender, in a dedicated space behind closed doors will allow you to keep your counter free of clutter and cords. Kayron Brewer of Studio K B designed this nifty niche to include an outlet and LED lights so all the small appliances can be used right where they are.

Cost: Brewer estimates that this appliance garage ran $1,600 to $1,900, including the cabinetry, LED lighting strip, power and labor. However, she points out that the appliance garage was part of a full cabinet and construction package, so it???s tricky to price it separately.

Pullout spice rack.
Spice containers are usually a messy lot, getting knocked over in pantries and stuffed into wall-mounted racks that don???t easily accommodate different bottle sizes. Organizing them in a pullout spice rack that fits into your cabinetry will keep them in check.

Pullout spice racks are usually 3 to 12 inches wide and can be installed in base cabinets or upper cabinets. Many homeowners opt for two pullout spice racks to flank a cooktop or install them on opposite sides of a hood for symmetry.

Cost: About $200, but varies depending on the manufacturer, material finish and size.

In-counter knife storage.
If you don???t like the look of a freestanding knife block but want to keep knives close at hand, consider an in-counter knife slot. Austin, Texas, woodworker Daniel Vos of DeVos Custom Woodworking says he custom makes these slots in new wood countertops that he also fabricates.

A drop-in knife block is another option. It offers enclosed storage for knives within the confines of the knife block, which is inset into a kitchen counter or island. An existing piece can be retrofitted to include one, or one can be included in a new project, Vos says.

A custom knife block can be made out of any wood, either contrasting or matching the countertop. Slots for the knives are customized to the client???s specifications. (Vos says clients sometimes just send him their knives.) Vos then insets the custom-made block into a slightly smaller hole cut in the countertop, leaving the block overhang resting on the countertop for support. It???s raised ?? to ?? inch above the countertop level. The knife block configuration is also removable for cleaning.

Cost: A knife block and associated labor should run around $350. The cost for a knife slot like the one shown here is a $200 upcharge to the cost of a countertop.

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Own Your Own Home? Learn What Home Repairs You Should Do Yourself!

As a homeowner it’s important to know how to do some of your own home repairs. In order to help you out we found this article with five different home repairs you should be able to do yourself. We hope it helps you save some money in the future!

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From the article:

Owning a home can be a dream come true, but the world of home ownership is more than just relaxing weekends on the deck and intimate evenings in front of the fireplace. It requires a commitment to keeping your private oasis safe and running smoothly. Making occasional repairs is part of the bargain, and even if you aren’t a dedicated do-it-yourselfer (DIY), there are a few around-the-house fixes you should become familiar with.

Few things will sour a homeowner’s disposition faster than a stopped up toilet or runaway faucet drip, and that’s just bathroom and kitchen stuff.

Roll up your sleeves and take a few minutes to master five home repairs that you can do yourself without dangerous tools or complicated instructions. Even though spending a few hours regularly on DIY home maintenance and repairs may never become your hobby of choice, knowing how to perform a few simple fixes will keep your costs down and help get the work done on your schedule instead of your contractor’s.

Repairing a Faucet Washer
Fixing a leaky faucet is one of the most common household repairs. It sounds like an insignificant problem, but all those drips add up. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the average home wastes about 11,000 gallons (42 kiloliters) of water every year with assorted leaks and drips. Aside from that being enough of the wet stuff to fill a swimming pool, it’s also wasted cash you could be using for better things [source: EPA].

If you want to stop a leaky faucet without expert intervention, the process can be pretty simple, depending on the type of faucet you have. Start by shutting off the water to the faucet. There’s usually a shutoff valve somewhere nearby. If not, you can always temporarily shut off the water to the entire house and turn it back on again later. The house shut-off is often in a basement or laundry room.

Compression-type faucets are pretty common, so we’ll address replacing washers on that faucet style. If you don’t know what type of faucet you have, try to get the name of the manufacturer off the faucet itself. It may be somewhere on the handle or main faucet housing. Many manufacturers have Web sites where you can identify your faucet and get information about replacement parts and comparable models.

You can complete a compression-type faucet washer replacement by following these steps:

  • Unscrew the faucet handle and remove it. The screw may be hiding under a decorative metal or plastic cap, or at the back of the handle. For aesthetic reasons, the screw is probably concealed, but it’s there, so keep looking.
  • Remove the packing nut. You’ll need pliers for this, and it may put up some resistance.
  • Unscrew the valve stem and remove it from the housing.
  • Take out the screw that holds the washer in place. If the washer’s been in there a long time, you may need penetrating oil to loosen the screw.
  • Remove the washer and examine it. If it hasn’t deteriorated too much, you can use it as a template to help you locate a replacement. If the washer fell apart when you removed it, you may have to check the valve-body to get a better idea of the size washer you’re looking for. Check the valve seat at the bottom of the valve body to determine whether the washer fits into a space with straight or angled walls, too. If you’ve identified your faucet make and model, you’ll be able to find the right washer using that information and may even be able to locate a washer made specifically for your model by the manufacturer.
  • Source a replacement washer at your home improvement retailer or plumbing supplier. Your retailer will also have generic washer kits that include dozens of washers in different shapes and sizes. Having a kit on hand may help with your next plumbing project.
  • Once you’ve located a new washer, reverse the steps you took to remove the old one to complete the installation.

Deteriorated washers account for most faucet leaks, but in a small percentage of cases, the washer won’t completely eliminate the leak because another part of the faucet may be worn. In most instances, addressing a leak by changing out the washer is the most logical place to start diagnosing the problem.

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