Do Your Kids Have a Hard Time With Patience? Learn How to Teach it to Them Here!

In a society that is filled with “I want it and I want it now” it can be difficult to teach the practice of patience. It’s hard for adults sometimes so it’s no wonder that it’s difficult for kids to master. If you’re kids have a hard time with patience then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve found an article about teaching kids patience that we hope will help your child learn this virtue that seems to be fading.

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From the article:

Little ones are impatient by nature. They have short attention spans. This is natural. One way to teach patience to kids is by distracting them for short periods of time, if they are demanding attention. Be sure to come back when you say you will. Your return to attending to them will reinforce the patient behavior.

When my daughter was young she was impatient at bedtime and wanted me to sit with her. Because of my own responsibilities I could not do this. To help increase her ability to be patient, I would come back to check on her every 10 minutes or so until she fell asleep. Often she would be asleep on the first check in.

Stories can help little ones be patient. You can use their dolls or stuffed animals, or toy soldiers to make up storylines about patience. This type of teaching by example can be very effective.

Some parents use the television to keep a child quiet. This may be effective to get the child to leave you alone, but does not instill the true quality of patience. This virtue comes from inside out and not from outside in.

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