Looking for Age Appropriate Chore Ideas for Your Kids? Check These Ideas Out!

Getting kids involved in the everyday cleaning of a home can be hard. Knowing what chores are age appropriate can also be hard. We found this article with information on why giving your kids chores are important as well as what chores are appropriate for each age group. We hope it helps in teaching your children to be contributing members of your household and that your house stays cleaner!

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From the article:

The Value of Chores for Children
Parenting expert Jim Fay, co-founder of the Love and Logic website, says we all need to feel needed and to know that we’re making a contribution — even kids. “But they can’t feel that way if they don’t have chores and make contributions to the family,” Fay says.

Roger W. McIntire, University of Maryland psychology professor and author of Raising Good Kids in Tough Times, says, “A child has to have some responsibilities.”

Chores for children ages 4 to 5

  • Any of the above chores, plus:
  • Make their bed
  • Empty wastebaskets
  • Bring in mail or newspaper
  • Clear table
  • Pull weeds, if you have a garden
  • Use hand-held vacuum to pick up crumbs
  • Water flowers
  • Unload utensils from dishwasher
  • Wash plastic dishes at sink
  • Fix bowl of cereal

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For all the ideas click here: http://www.webmd.com/parenting/features/chores-for-children

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