Are You a Homeowner That Likes to Do Your Own Repairs? Learn What Repairs are Often Done Wrong Here!

Some homeowners like to do home repairs themselves and others don’t like to do any repairs. If you’re one that likes to do your own repairs we found this article for you. Some repairs are easier to do than other. Some, like the ones on this list, are ones that may seem simple but then you quickly get in over your head. We hope that you give these projects due diligence and not end up with a disaster.

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From the article:

When embarking on home improvements and renovations, it???s important to separate the do-it-yourself projects from those best handled by professionals. Attempting to handle a professional job on your own could lead to expensive repairs and additional renovations. Here are some DIY disasters and how to fix them with professional help:

Fixing plumbing pipes
If the plumbing starts to go out in your basement or attic ??? or underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks ??? be extremely careful in how you go about fixing them. Homeowners often think that they can twist pipes with a wrench to get a clog out, but this can lead to a pipe coming off and water puddling all over the floor. Moreover, when pipes have more extreme damage like holes, rust or cracks, they need to be replaced. Don???t attempt to buy new pipes without some guidance; you could get end up getting the wrong materials or the wrong size.

That???s when you need to find a licensed local plumber. Plumbers have the knowledge and experience to safely and quickly fix your plumbing issues, whereas attempting to do the job without experience will likely lead to costly repairs ??? including new flooring or insulation, depending on the extent of damage.

Felling trees
While some homeowners may choose to trim branches on their own, felling trees is another matter entirely. There are a lot of risks involved with felling trees, including:

– Sharp tools causing injury
– Branches hitting power or phone lines
– Trees hitting the landscape (bushes, lawn, fence, etc.)
– Trees falling onto the home
– Trees falling onto a child or pet

In short, there are many risks involved with DIY tree removal ??? and there are many municipal regulations and restrictions involved as well. Homeowners should hire a tree service or certified arborist to remove a tree.

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