Clean Out Your Dryer Vents – Avoid a Fire

inspect-dryer-ventSome people are aware of the fire dangers of not cleaning out their dryer vents but some are not. ??We found this article that should shed some light on the issue for homeowners.

From the article:

Think your clothes dryer is free from needing maintenance? Think again.

This blog is going to describe a simple, cheap maintenance task that could save you from a house fire.

Do you know what do you probably have in your home or apartment that is annually responsible for around 15,000 fires, 20 deaths, over 300 injuries and more than $80 million in property damage?! And if you have an electric clothes dryer, did you know the chance of fire is 250% greater than if you have a gas dryer?

Answer: Your clothes dryer.

It bothers me when I find out after the fact that I was supposed to do maintenance on something that I did not know I was supposed to do. Don’t think you are alone in being surprised in what I’m going to tell you. There is probably an unbelievable amount of dangerous lint lining the walls of your dryer ducting and inside your dryer right now that you need to clean out. It does not matter that you regularly clean out the lint filter in your dryer, “lint happens.” Loads of clothes taking longer and longer to dry is a classic sign of lint build-up.

In this detailed and photo intensive tutorial called Dryer Vent Cleaning, I will show you what is probably lurking in your dryer venting and how to get rid of the lint which causes the fire risk in your home. You’re my reader and I want you safe, so please read this tutorial and spend a few hours and $15 to make your home safe.

If your think your dryer vents might be clogged give us a call today!

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