Decluttering and Just Storing Everything? Take a Look at This First!

When decluttering your home it can be easy to just stick everything in a bin and put it in the garage or attic without thinking too much about it. In order to help you avoid this we found this article with a pre-storage checklist. We hope it helps you truly declutter!

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From the article:

Wait, stop. Do you really need to keep that item you???re about to put into storage?

It has happened to the best of us: You???re fed up with the unused exercise machine, broken toaster, outgrown baby clothes or fill-in-the-blank taking up space in your home, so you pick it up and take it to storage. Whether your storage area is in a basement, an attic, a backyard shed or a rented unit, chances are it???s filled with things you do not really want or need. While we???re not going to tackle cleaning out your storage here (a topic for another day), the first step is to stop yourself from creating any more clutter in there. So the next time you want to add something to storage, stop and ask yourself these 10 questions first.

Do you need it? This sounds like a simple enough question, but how each of us answers is highly individual. If you are making an effort to cut back on clutter, try to get real about what ???need??? means to you. Whether you decide to take a strictly minimalist approach or keep a more fluid list of items you need for living as well as those you cherish for emotional reasons, defining what is important to you is the first step in preventing clutter.

Do you like it? Just because you???ve been saving the same decorations from year to year doesn???t mean you must keep doing it. Instead of going through the motions, really look at each item you are considering storing and ask yourself whether it still suits your style as much now as it did when you purchased it. Tastes evolve, and you will love your home more if you allow yourself to let go of things that just aren???t doing it for you.

Does it work? Don???t let your basement become the place where broken things go to die! It???s so easy to let that happen, telling yourself, ???I???ll fix it one of these days.??? But most of the time, if you don???t care enough about the item in question to get it fixed ASAP, it???s probably not worth keeping.

Is that the right container for the job? Buying containers is best left for last ??? it???s a lot easier and less expensive to get rid of something you don???t need than buy a container for it. Keeping like items together will make it much easier to find things, so stick with a container that just fits what you need to store; otherwise you will be tempted to fill it up with unrelated items.

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