Find Out How to Save Money in the Laundry Room!

everystockphoto_117206_mEveryone likes to save money, especially saving money in areas that they use frequently. We found this article that we hope will help you save money by focusing just in the laundry room.

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From the article:

1. Wash with cooler water
About 90 percent of the energy consumed by your washing machine is used just to heat the water, according to the Alliance to Save Energy. Switch to cold water for many of your loads, especially those with dark or bright colors and delicates like silk or wool. Cold-water washing won???t just save you money: It will also keep colors bright, reduce wrinkling and won???t set stains.

2. Run full loads
Your washer and dryer use the same amount of mechanical energy, regardless of how full they are, so the best way to save energy is to run full loads of laundry.

If you need to run a smaller load in the washing machine, be sure to use the appropriate water-level setting.

3. Throw in the towel
Toss a clean, dry towel or tennis ball into the dryer to get clothes to dry quicker, the Alliance suggests. The towel absorbs moisture, while the tennis ball helps circulate air between clothes.

4. Clean the lint filter
After each load, clean the lint screen in your dryer to improve air circulation, reduce drying time and prevent fires. The DOE recommends periodically using the long nozzle tip of your vacuum cleaner to remove the lint that builds up below the dryer???s lint screen slot.

Also, inspect your dryer vent from time to time to ensure it is not blocked; this precautionary measure will also save energy and prevent fires.

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