Have a Problem Figuring Out a Good Layout for Your Living Room? Get Help Here!

Living rooms come in all shapes and sizes. Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. Knowing how best to layout furniture to fit your space can be challenging. We found this article with different layout ideas. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

The hangout zone of your home can be hard to arrange. So Real Simple asked two designers to sketch out solutions for three of the trickiest scenarios. Pull up a chair and take some notes.

Problem: If Your Living Room is Super Long and Narrow
Divvy up the space to get the most out of the oddly shaped square footage. Opt for either two defined spots or a more fluid layout. Take a look at some ideas below.


Solution #1: Rectangle + Circle
Section off the room with dual, seating-heavy groupings???a linear one and a piecier one. Filling out the space actually makes a room feel less confined, says McGee.

Start With a Pair of Sofas: Set up the main seating area with two same-size couches and a coffee table in between. ???Some people like a sectional to squeeze in more seating,??? says McGee. ???But in a tight room like this, it makes traffic flow tricky. A pair of sofas opens up the space better.???

Create a Circle Seating: Turn the second half of the room into a loungey area with four accent chairs surrounding a cocktail table about 18 inches high. ???It gives you an intimate spot for conversations or playing cards or board games, and it balances the other side???s chunkier setup,??? says McGee.

Add a Flowing, Organic Element: Ground the accent chairs and cocktail table with a cowhide rug. ???The curvy shape helps a narrow room feel less boxy,??? she says.

Solution #2: All-Inclusive
Break up the rectangle into areas that function well on their own or in tandem: a big, communal spot and a smaller, cozy, nook, says Lewis.

Choose Double-Duty Pieces: Cap the main seating area with a bench that can be reached from either side. ???The bench adds extra seating, and because it???s low, the division it creates is very subtle,??? says Lewis. ???You???re utilizing the narrow space better if you keep an open flow in the room.???

Decorate on an Angle: Outfit the smaller spot with an ottoman and two plush armchairs tilted to face the center of the room. ???That way, you can use that nook on its own, or if you have guests over, it morphs with the larger grouping into one big seating area,??? says Lewis.

Keep the Nook???s Floor Bare: ???I love all kinds of rugs in all kinds of spaces. But in a narrow room, an area without one can open the space and help it feel airier,??? says Lewis. ???In this scenario, it???s often better to go with one attention-grabbing rug for the main area.???

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Read the entire article here: http://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/living-room-layout-tips

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