Have a Son a Daughter That Share a Room? Get Ideas to Decorate Here!

Having a house where it’s a necessity to have children share a room, especially a boy and a girl, can be quite challenging for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is that it is challenging to know how to effectively decorate the room. In order to help you out we found this article with design ideas. We hope they help!

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From the article:

For parents living in a small home that lacks the needed number of bedrooms for each child to live separately, pairing the kids together becomes the only option. When two girls or two boys share the room decorating, designing and organizing the bedroom is an easy task, as it is inevitable that their interests will be similar. However, when it is a girl and boy sharing a room together the task of making the space functional for both can become a daunting and challenging task. Luckily, parents facing this unenviable situation can sleep easy knowing that with a little bit of creativity and hard work a boy and girl shared bedroom is possible. Continue reading to learn tips and advice for how to make a shared bedroom a reality.

Depending on the ages of the kids, room sharing can become even more difficult. If the kids are closer in age it may be easier to design the room because a gender-neutral theme can be selected. However, when the children???s ages differ greatly more time needs to be spent making sure the room will be comfortable for both kids. Since every child has different tastes, temperaments and preferences it is best to divide the layout of the bedroom into three spaces: two private areas and one shared zone. No matter the age of the child, the bedroom is often a private sanctuary that kids can retreat to for comfort and relaxation. Therefore, if a boy and girl are sharing a space together it is important to give each child their own unique space. For a boy, one side of the room may be decorated in a sports theme while for the girl the opposite side may be a princess theme. With the room divided in two sides, create a common space in the room that can be shared by both the boy and girl.

In a traditional bedroom used by only one person storage space is often not a concern; however, when sharing a room finding enough storage becomes even more important. If there is a closet in the room, divide the space in half so that each child has enough room for their belongings. Rooms without a closet or when the closet is not big enough require more creativity to find storage space. Using under the bed storage bins or built-in-shelves can be an excellent alternative for storing the child???s belongings. Remember that since the room is being shared it is important to divide the storage space equally so that one child does not feel left out.

Aesthetically, it is hard to match the interests and design styles of both boys and girls. Therefore, the shared bedroom does not have to be perfectly in sync and matching; however, each element in the room needs to coexist. One way to achieve a balance in aesthetics is to select a color theme for the room. Pick a color that both the boy and girl will enjoy and try to match each element in the room to the chosen color. Room sharing may not be an ideal situation; however, boys and girls can coexist in the same space. If this situation becomes a reality, follow the above tips and guidelines to make a boy and girl shared bedroom the best possible.

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Read the entire article here: http://decoholic.org/2013/09/10/best-girl-boy-shared-bedroom-design-ideas/

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