Have Too Much Clutter? Learn How to Better Store it Here!

Clutter is everywhere. It seems to accumulate out of nowhere. In order to help you store it better we found this article with 13 different storage ideas. We hope they help!

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From the article:

Don???t worry. I???m not going to tell you to throw out your stuff or give it away. And I???m not going to give you advice on how to part with it. Instead, I???m going to give you design tips on how to get it out of sight, quickly and easily. The trick to living without clutter is to make it super easy for you and your family to clean up fast. Follow these tips, and you???ll be amazed at how quickly your home can go from chaotic to calm in no time.

Bathroom. The same rules apply for the bathroom as for the kitchen. Keep your counters clear of stuff. Use a vanity with drawers. Don???t even consider a pedestal sink or a vanity with doors if you tend to be a hoarder. Get the most convenient, easy-to-use storage with drawers. (The drawers can even be organized.)

And don???t stop at vanity storage. Maximize your storage by using your mirror as a medicine cabinet as well. If you don???t like the feel of a bulky medicine cabinet at your sink, recess it into the wall. This can often create even deeper storage.

Bay window. As a designer, I???m always struggling with how to best deal with a bay window when I???m laying out a space. I love this idea of squaring off the wall and using that space as trunk-style storage.

Note: It???s really important that your window storage has locking hardware to keep the lid open. It makes it much easier to clean up faster.

Basement. This is another area that doesn???t always need closed storage, especially if it???s a space dedicated to storage. Stock up on budget racks and store everything you don???t want to part with but don???t actually use. If you apply the Pareto principle, you probably use only 20 percent of your stuff. So that means you can store the other 80 percent.

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Read the entire article here: http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/54104714/list/13-storage-solutions-to-banish-the-clutter

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