Have You Considered Pocket Doors in Your New Home? Look at These Ideas!

When it comes to doors most people most people only think of standard doors, sliding doors, and french doors. Another option that you may not have thought of is pocket doors. Pocket doors are a great option in tight spaces. In order to give you more information we found this article. We hope it helps introduce you to the wonders of pocket doors!

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From the article:

Growing up in a century-old Craftsman home, I took it for granted that we had beautiful solid wood pocket doors. More like sliding walls, they divided the living room from the dining room, and my parents (or my older siblings) would slide them shut when having a party so I could sleep (or sneak out of bed to listen on the other side of the wall). And it???s not only old Craftsman and Victorian homes that have sliding doors ??? traditional Japanese homes also use a form of sliding room dividers known as shoji. Not many new builds include this useful feature, but if you are renovating or starting from scratch, why not give pocket doors and sliding walls a look?

You can find original pocket doors in many Craftsman and Victorian homes. These built-in features come in handy for separating two adjoining rooms when you need privacy or quiet. When not in use, the doors slide into the walls, leaving a wide (usually at least double-width) opening.

Since they???re made from solid wood, pocket doors are effective at blocking sound ??? perfect if you want to entertain without waking the little ones.

If you are renovating or working on a new build, consider adding pocket doors to a room or two. Doors with glass panels, like the ones shown here, are a good choice if you want to let light through to the rest of the house even with the doors shut.

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Read the entire article here: http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/32361135/list/pocket-doors-and-sliding-walls-for-a-more-flexible-space

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