Interested in the Most Expensive Home Sale? Find Out All About it Here!

Looking at expensive real estate can be a lot of fun. Dreaming and wishing about how one day you could live in a house like that. In order to keep the dream alive we found this article published in Forbes magazine with the most expensive home sale ever. We hope you like it!

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From the article:

The $147 million home at 60 Further Lane in East Hampton once belonged to Christopher H. Browne, of the Tweedy, Browne Company value investment firm, and his partner Andrew Gordon. Browne bought the 18-acre property in 1996 according to the New York Times, but because of a deal he struck allowing the seller (Elizabeth Fondaras, widow of Anastassios Fondaras, a former managing director for Stavros Niarchos???s shipping empire) to stay in the home for several summers, Browne focused his efforts on the grounds for several years. As a result, the 18-acre estate has lavish gardens, which you can see in this New York Times slideshow.

Browne and Gordon tore down the old home and replaced it with a modernist property that Gordon designed. But they had very little time to enjoy the property together. Browne died of a heart attack in 2009. He left most of his estate to Gordon, and a family fight reportedly ensued over the will. Gordon died last fall, and the family began to shop the house around.

Hamptons brokers tell FORBES the sale took place without the aid of a broker.

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Read the entire article here:

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