Interested in What a Skinny Skyscraper in New York Will Offer? Find Out Here!

Living in New York isn’t for everyone. If you are one of the people that do or would like to call New York home then this article is for you. One of the major downsides of New York is the lack of green parks and places to breath. One designer has come up with a way to incorporate a park into the skyscraper. We hope you enjoy learning about this skyscraper as much as we did!

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From the article:

Living next to a park is a treat in New York’s concrete jungle. But how about living under one?

A new superslim residential tower proposed for Midtown Manhattan will have built-in parks and even an outdoor cinema, among other common areas that its designers say will make it like a vertical West Village street.

Slated for 12 East 37th Street, the as-yet-unnamed tower will reach 700 feet???about half the height of New York’s tallest residential high-rise, the Rafael Vi??oly-designed 432 Park Avenue which is set to open later this year. Residents at the 37th Street building will have access to five clusters of common amenities, which will also include a fitness room, an infinity pool and a private yoga studio. “You’re never really four or five floors away from a common space,” says Robert Goodwin, the New York design director at Perkins+Will, the architectural firm responsible for the project.

He was helped by New York City zoning rules, which specify that skinny buildings with small footprints have virtually unlimited height restrictions. By going taller, he could slot 33-foot-high park pockets without reducing the number of apartments the tower could hold. The 65 apartments will range from 400-square-foot studios to 1,800-square-foot floor-throughs while the building itself will be roughly 50 feet wide and 54 feet deep.

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