Just Purchase a New Home? Learn What You Should First Do Here!

Purchasing a new home is very exciting. Knowing what first to do in a new home can be difficult especially because you don’t know what the previous homeowners were like. In order to help you out we found this article with 5 different things you should do right after you purchase a new home. We hope it helps you settle into your new home even faster!

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From the article:

Moving into your new dream house can be a daunting task. Between unpacking, cleaning and trying to find that stray roll of toilet paper, it may feel like you have lost your mind in a sea of bubble wrap. That is why I wanted to share with you five simple things that you should do that first month of living in your new home. These items may feel like back burner tasks but really, they will help you sleep better at night in your new abode and make you feel like your new place is less like a new house and more like your new home. When we moved into our dream house, we were tired, overwhelmed and couldn???t remember where we put the sippy cups for our 10 month old son???and we had no idea what to do first. Of course, we cleaned and unpacked???.but what next? This handful of to-dos walks you through each of those tasks and why it should be done first and foremost.

Let???s get to it!

Security is the number one concern of most people in a new environment. You can easily switch out your locks and deadbolts to your new home to protect your valuables, your family and of course, yourself. Now is the time to consider the finish and the options are endless! When it comes to exterior locks, make sure you choose something that looks timeless and can be cleaned easily. A new security system is also a good idea. The options for this are endless as well. Systems with online monitoring, iPhone compatibility, thermostat control and even video monitors for the interior as well as your baby nursery are super helpful. Even if the room is empty now, it won???t be in the future ??? so go ahead and secure it!

Some folks may think it???s unnecessary to replace toilet seats but my point here is to simply remove them. By removing your toilet seats, you will be able to really deep clean under the bolts and hinges where the ???yucks??? like to hide. Your goal is to make sure your royal throne is YOU-worthy. After a thorough scrubbing, you can reinstall your existing seat or choose to shop for a new one (new versions with night lights, padding or even child sized attachments are now available!) and either way you will know your favorite seat in the house is ready for your entire family.

Changing an air filter is really a three minute task but it should be done immediately after moving into a new home. Even if the previous owners swear the chore was just done, changing out a filter can help improve the performance of your air conditioning and furnace units and help with any allergies in the home. This inexpensive fix can also save you money! The US Department of Energy says that replacing your dirty air filter with a new one can lower your A/C???s energy consumption by 5-10%. It???s a good idea to write directly on the filter when you put it in so that you can be sure to know how long it???s been since the last change. Also, take the time to test and change out batteries in all your smoke alarms and monoxide detectors. These are often tested during inspections but the batteries can die or tampered units are common especially if a house is left vacant.

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Read the entire article here: http://www.bowerpowerblog.com/2017/02/five-dos-new-home-owners/

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