Laundry Room Flooding Horror Story

home disastersYou never want to think of your home flooding. Especially by your brand new washing machine. Read this woman’s story and decide for yourself if you should buy Whirlpool or not.

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From the article:

The first load of laundry in Lona Massong’s new Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine went smoothly.

Load No. 2, well, that’s a different story.

Massong filled the machine with clothes, poured in the soap and turned the dial.

When she returned to the first-floor laundry room a short time later, she found herself standing in a pool of water.

She ran down to her finished basement and found the ceiling caving in, the carpet soaked and a wall saturated with water.

Massong and her husband turned off the machine, cleaned up the mess and immediately called Grand Appliance, where the couple had purchased the washing machine.

Two days later, on Aug. 9, a repairman came to their Wadsworth home, dragged the washing machine into the driveway and looked underneath.

It didn’t take him long to find the problem. A clamp that was supposed to connect the washing machine’s drain hose to the drain pump was missing, so when the clothes in the second load began squishing around, the motion dislodged the hose, sending water everywhere.

Grand Appliance replaced the washer but said the damage to Massong’s basement was Whirlpool’s responsibility because the manufacturer failed to attach the clamp.

Massong called Whirlpool, which instructed her to get two estimates. One estimate put the damage at $5,660, Massong said, and another was closer to $6,000.

Whirlpool hired Eagle Adjusting Services Inc. to examine the claim. Eagle Adjusting came up with its own, considerably lower estimate, placing the damage at $4,575.38. It then subtracted $1,072.18 for “depreciation,” saying nothing in Massong’s basement was new.

The final offer from Whirlpool, based on Eagle’s estimate, was $3,503.20, a number that did not sit well with Massong.

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