Looking for Fun Backyard Ideas for Your Family? Check These Out!

With kids it’s difficult to know how to design your outside space to meet your kids’ needs as well as your own. For some fun ideas we found this article with elements to include. We hope you find something your whole family will love!

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From the article:

Summer is around the corner???and if you have a case of cabin fever as bad as mine, then you just can???t wait for the sunny days to come. There???s just something special about being able to walk out into the sunshine without a care in the world and enjoy your very own slice of nature in the form of a backyard.

I know that not everyone who reads Remodelaholic has an enormous backyard???and some of you might not have any yard at all. But even if all you have to enjoy nature outside your doorstep is a small balcony, there are ways you can make that space fun for young and old alike. I???ve collected a bunch of ideas here for making your backyard FUN. And guess what? Most of them don???t include a pool installation! I???m a firm believer that yards can be enjoyed DIY style, so many of these ideas could be completed without hiring a professional???or modified to fit in small spaces. I???ve started this list with things that make backyards fun for kids, but if kids don???t visit your yard, feel free to scroll further down the list for ideas that are geared a little more towards adults.


Multi-level PlayscapeRedlough-Landscapes-mulit-level-play-area

Giant Outdoor Chess/CheckersTraditional-Home-giant-chess-set

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For all the ideas click here: http://www.remodelaholic.com/2013/04/beautiful-backyards-for-families/

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