Looking for Fun Summer Activities That Your Kids Will Love! Try These!

Summer is hard. Not only is it hot the kids are out of school and it’s almost impossible to keep them entertained. In order to help you out we found this article with 10 different summer activities to try with your kids. We hope they have a blast and you can get some peace and quiet!

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From the article:

Summer is a wonderful thing. The sun is shinning, the kids are out of school, and both you and your kids have a lot more free time. It???s all fun and games until your stir crazy kids start to drive you crazy. Kids get bored so easily and there???s nothing worse than having bored kids at home all day nagging you to do something fun. There are some fun and entertaining activities that you can easily set up for your kids to keep them occupied for hours. Some are inside activities and some are outside. Either way, your kids will have a blast as they do these 10 activities this summer.

Sponge Bullseye
Anything involving water during the summer is always fun and refreshing. A great way to play with water for a kid friendly game is to play ???darts??? with sponges and a large bullseye drawn in chalk. Draw the bullseye on your driveway in chalk and assign each circle with a point value. Then let the kids toss the wet sponges at the target. You can divide the kids up into teams or they can each compete on their own. If it ends up in a wet sponge fight, then even better. Let the kids get wet and have fun.

Portable Sandbox
Kids love playing in the sand, but going to the beach isn???t always an option. Also, building or buying your own sandbox can get expensive. The good news is that you can easily create your own portable sandbox for very low cost. All you need is a plastic storage box, sand, and sand toys. The kids can play in the sand box all day long and when they???re done, securely put the lid on top to ensure other animals and critters don???t get in.

Drip, Drip, Drench
This game is a fun new way to play ???Duck, Duck, Goose.??? Have your kids sit in a circle and take turns being ???it.??? The twist is that the person that???s ???it??? will take a wet sponge and as they go by each person they???ll drip a little water on each head until they drench a person who will then get up and try to catch them. It???ll keep the kids cooled off and they???ll be able to run around and enjoy time outside.

Looking for outdoor activities for your kids? Checkout this article about outdoor activities for your kids that could be of interest to you.

Read the entire article here: http://lifeasmama.com/10-ways-to-keep-your-kids-busy-so-you-can-stay-sane-this-summer/

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