Looking for Ideas to Get Your Washer & Dryer Off the Floor? Get Ideas Here!

Having a front loading washer and dryer is something that a lot of people either have or wish they had. One con of having them though is that unless you buy the pedestals they sit on the floor which can be hard on the back. In order to give you an alternative we found this article with different ideas to get them up and off the ground. We hope you love it!

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From the article:

While technology has come a long way from the days of sitting over a bucket with a washboard and some soap, laundry is still a chore. Sorting, loading, unloading, reloading, folding, putting away ??? it???a lot of work!

Front load washers and dryers make it less taxing but you still have to either crouch down or bend over when loading the machines. Raised laundry machines, however, put an end to the bend.

Elevating your washer and dryer eliminates the need to bend and crouch and makes the whole job feel a lot less chore-like. It???s also a great way to get more storage space and can help make more use of the laundry room.

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Read the entire article here: http://www.contemporist.com/laundry-room-design-idea-raise-your-washer-and-dryer-up-off-the-floor/

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