Looking for New Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained? Try These!

Summer might be winding down but keeping kids entertained is a year long struggle. In order to help you out we found this article with 39 different healthy family activities all year long. We hope it helps you and your family create family memories that’ll last a lifetime!

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From the article:

We spent the last week in Jackson, Wyoming, totally snowed-in and enjoying each other???s company. Trying to keep three boys busy in an ice-cold town with access only to a hotel suite and whatever Amazon Prime will deliver is???interesting. The experience made me realize that there are actually a TON of healthy family activities that can be enacted at the drop of a hat, if you have a few ideas and are open to going with the flow.

As a parent, it can be exhausting to come up with new activities to keep the kiddos entertained. I???ll admit that there was a time or two when I retreated to the bathroom just to get a moment of peace and brainstorm the next time-passer.

A lot was learned, though, and now I have a seemingly-endless reserve of entertainment ideas! You can benefit from my experience. Here???s my list of healthy family activities that are sure to keep the family busy and learning in as much time ??? or as little ??? as you have available.

Tell a never-ending story. Now that our boys are getting older, this has become a favorite pastime for us. A parent sets the scene like, ???Once upon a time, there lived a _______??? and then the kids fill in the blank. Take turns stopping abruptly at pivotal parts of the story and seeing where the next person takes it.
Practice yoga. With a 4-year-old, the downward dog can be downright hilarious.
Play a board game.
Bath time. Not just ANY bath time, though. Bust out the shaving cream and see what funny designs the kids can create on the walls!
Animal charades. Each kid thinks of an animal and acts it out until the other participants guess what it is.
Play Two Truths and a Lie. The old college frat favorite is actually a blast with kids. Each person takes turns saying three statements. Two are true and one is a lie. Everyone else tries to guess what???s real and what???s not.
Indoor bowling. Set up some old water bottles and take turns trying to knock them down with a soft ball.
Bat a balloon back-and-forth. Balloons can come in handy for so many entertaining ideas, we always have some on-hand ??? even in our travel bags.
Play ???memory.??? Show the group a tray full of eight or nine items for 30 seconds. Then, give them 2 minutes to write down as many items as they can remember.
Masking tape bulls-eye. Create a target on the ground with masking tape and have your kids take turns seeing who can roll a small ball or toy car closest to the center.

Looking for more fun family activities to try? Checkout this article about healthy family activities that could be of interest to you.

Read the entire article here: http://somedayilllearn.com/healthy-family-activities/#_a5y_p=4966251

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