Looking for Some Ideas to Redo Your Laundry Room? Check Out These Ideas!

Laundry rooms are hard. If yours is not functional and your are thinking about redoing yours then you have to checkout this article! It has 33 different laundry room ideas and we’re sure that you’ll find something that will meet your needs!

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From the article:

A laundry room doesn???t have to be that dull, boring place where you only go to throw your dirty socks and t-shirts. You don???t need to be afraid of it. It needs to be comfortable, cool and pleasant and at the same time, highly functional. So if you???re looking for design ideas to decorate the perfect laundry room, the list below should be of great help.

But first we???d like to tell you a few secrets:

  • If a laundry loom is too small, you???ll have to make it look larger. It???s the same with all your other areas. So how about stacking the dryer on top of the washer (you???ll have to make sure your wash has front-loading for that to work) and save some space for a narrow cabinet to store your stuff?
  • Consider using the space behind the door. It gives you more space to move around and it allows to hang your clothes, rubber gloves, or to hide your detergent maybe;
  • Keep things clean. That???s easy to understand. A cluttered room makes it difficult to do laundry work ??? it becomes a time-consuming and frustrating job, which believe me, you don???t want to happen;
  • Colors: our advice is to use light colors for the walls as well as your other laundry room furniture that you may have;
  • For better space utilization you may also want to consider pulling out hamper or a narrow sliding cart between the washer and dryer, install a countertop above the washer and dryer to create a smooth surface (if there???s no space for a separate table for folding clothes, that is);
  • Backsplash and floor tiles do a great job in creating a cool environment for your laundry room. Same goes for some of those throw rugs that you could place on the floor;
  • One last thing to consider is if you have enough light in your laundry room. It???s preferably that you have at least one window for natural lighting. If that???s not enough you should consider installing under cabinet lighting.

Looking for more ideas for your laundry room? Then checkout this article with laundry room storage that could be of interest to you.

Read the entire article here: http://www.decoist.com/2012-02-07/coolest-laundry-room-design-ideas/

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