Looking for Ways to Stay Safe and Warm in Your Home This Winter? Checkout These Ideas!

Depending upon where you live in the country winters can be brutal. If you like staying cozy in your home then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve found this article for you with information on six different ways to stay safe and warm in your home. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

Here are a few issues you might run into now that winter is coming.

Your Pipes Could Freeze:
Freezing pipes are the first thing people worry about when it comes to their house and ice and snow. When leftover water in your pipes freezes, it expands and can cause your pipes to burst. This can leave you with massive damage to your home and personal items, pricey repair work, and a really inconvenient water situation in the meantime. While most pipes run inside interior walls, in some older homes they run in the exterior walls. If this describes your home, make sure to properly insulate your pipes, as they may not be insulated already. If your sink is on an exterior wall, open the cabinets underneath it. This lets heat in from the house and keep the pipes nice and cozy. If all else fails, you can leave a trickle of water running to prevent any stagnant moisture from turning to ice.

It???s not only indoors pipes you need to worry about. Make sure to remember your spigot and sprinklers! If you don’t have a burst-proof spigot installed, make sure there’s no water hanging out there to freeze and expand. If you???re a snowbird and won???t be home all winter, try picking up a Freeze Sensor. It???ll send an alarm to the monitoring center and your phone when the temperature get to be too low, so you know to head on over and check the pipes.

Your Gutters Could Jump Ship:
Did you get a little lax about cleaning the fall leaves from your gutters? You might want to get out that ladder and do it before it snows again: the weight of the leaves combined with snow and ice can send your gutters crashing to the ground. Debris build-up in gutters can also lead to ice dams. These form when snow melts from your roofs heat, but as the temperature outside is still freezing water from the melting snow takes up residence in your clogged gutters and freezes again. This causes extra heavy blocks of ice and, as the water overflows from the gutters, can make those massive icicles that we all think are so pretty. They???re actually really dangerous???due to their size and weight, they can literally pull your gutters off your house while an unsuspecting person is standing underneath, admiring the snow-sculpture quality of your roof. So stick to the icicle lights instead and clean the gutters while you still have a chance.

Another great way to prevent ice dams is to make sure your roof is properly insulated. This will prevent as much of the snow from melting as possible. Let it melt when it???s actually time.

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Read the entire article here: http://simplisafe.com/blog/winter-home-security

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