Looking For Ways to Take Your Home Up a Notch? Try These Ideas!

A home can be anything you need or want it to be if you’ve got pockets big enough. In order to help you come up with ideas of what you’d like in your home we found this article with 20 different ideas of things you could include in your home. We hope you find things that you love!

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From the article:

I think most of us have, at one point or another, fantasized and planned for the day when we win the lottery. Some people plan to splurge on cars, others on boats, and others on worthy causes. Then there are people like us. We already have the budget made, and it’s going into our personal private getaway, AKA The Dream Home. There will be custom bathrooms, walk-in closets just for shoes, and a man-cave to beat all man-caves.

Just in case you don’t already have enough fuel for your fire, here are 20 features you’ll definitely want to remember when you win the millions.

Vacuum kick-plates for easy cleanup.
Note that you don’t actually have to be rich to acquire a central vacuum and some of these bad boys. Start living the dream today, my friend.

A luxurious home theater.
You can’t beat those chairs.

A fully stocked bar.
To make drinks for when your friends are hanging out.

A round stone bath to soak away all of your troubles.
Perfect for a chilly evening.

A dreamy walk-in rain shower.
No glass to clean, and it fits two people. No more fighting for the shower head.

A well designed mudroom.
A mudroom with lots of hooks and storage, along with a sink, will save you lots of cleanup in the long run.

An outdoor firepit.
With lots of seating for friends.

An amazing pool to tie it all together.
That would be a pool, lazy river, and hot tub all in one.

Looking to create an amazing backyard? Checkout this article about amazing backyard ideas that could be of interest to you.

Read the entire article here: http://diply.com/different-solutions/20-ideas-to-deck-out-your-dream-home/105544

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