Looking to Age in Your Home? Learn How to Modify Your Home as You Age!

Aging is hard. Well not exactly hard but it causes aspects of your life to become hard. If you’d like to age in your home it’s important to plan ahead. In order to help you think of things that you normally wouldn’t think of we found this article. We hope it’ll help you learn ways to modify your home so you can live out your life in your home!

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From the article:

Nothing beats home. It’s where many of us want to stay for as long as possible, even as we age.

And, yet, the varied aspects of senior life ??? impaired vision, arthritis and limited mobility ??? can make staying home a challenge. Thanks, however, to smart modifications ??? like adding grab bars in the bathroom or improving lighting in a hazardous hallway ??? the concept of “aging in place” is more possible now than ever. Once something of a buzzword, “aging in place” is now a specialty designation in the homebuilding industry. In fact, remodeling professionals with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) have joined together with AARP, the NAHB’s 50+ Housing Council and Home Innovation Research Labs to develop the CAPS, or Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist, program. The designation is not a requirement for remodelers, but those in CAPS undergo training and learn how to build tasteful, barrier-free living spaces suited to the needs of older adults.

1. Cabinetry: Shelving may need to be lowered so it’s more accessible, and you may want to add more base cabinets and drawers instead of doors. Relocating the microwave from above the range to a base cabinet also may help. One client requested a customized pocket door under the kitchen sink, so the standard doors wouldn’t get in the way.

2.Appliances: A stove with controls at the front is more accessible than models that have the controls at the back; a refrigerator with a French door-opening is typically more accessible than other styles.

3.Materials: Contrasting colors and a variety of textures and patterns can provide visual cues for someone whose vision is impaired. “Colors help your psyche,” Lewis said.

4. Flooring: Falls are a huge problem for older clients, so buy flooring that minimizes risk. Natural travertine, for instance, can catch the heel of a shoe, walker or cane. Try smooth tile.

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Read the entire article here: http://www.azcentral.com/story/entertainment/home/2015/02/09/ways-modify-home-age/23133079/

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