Looking to Avoid a House Fire? Avoid These Hidden Home Hazards!

No one wants to think about a fire happening to them. In order to help you protect your family and your home we found this great article with helpful information on the hidden home hazards that can start a fire in your home. We hope it keeps you and your family safe!

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From the article:

Most of us know not to leave burning candles unattended or overload our outlets, but firefighters still respond to about 370,000 home blazes every year, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Experts reveal surprising hazards and how to avoid unwittingly fanning the flames.

???People don???t think of wiring as a danger, because it???s out of sight behind walls,??? says Lorraine Carli of the NFPA. But electrical fires have accounted for more than 50,000 home blazes a year, plus $1.5 billion in property damage. And seemingly innocuous acts, like driving screws into a wall to hang a mirror, can easily pierce wiring. One good fix: Replace circuit breakers with arc-fault circuit interrupters (found in hardware stores for about $30. These safeguards detect dangerous electrical arcs???abnormal sparks that signal bad insulation or loose connections???and stop them before they start a fire.

Vintage Appliances
That 1930s fan you found in your parents’ attic. The industrial light you snapped up for $10 at a yard sale. The vintage chrome coffeemaker from eBay. Old-???fashioned plug-ins look great and may still run, but they were made according to antiquated safety codes and may include frayed or damaged wires. Have them rewired, and, in general, stick with modern equipment that comes with a UL mark, signifying that Underwriters Laboratories has vouched for the item’s safety in actual use

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For all the hazards click here: http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/photos/0,,20567755,00.html

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