Looking to Be More Productive in Your Home Office? Try These Ideas!

Home offices can be tricky. Some people need them and some people don’t but for the people that do it’s important that they’re able to be productive while in their home office. In order to help you we found this article that we hope will help you!

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From the article:

Sure, having an office at home sounds practical on the surface. If you can telecommute, that???s less time in the car, more time to devote to your work and more time with your family. Plus, you can ditch the tie or pantsuit and set your own hours.

So why does your home office drive you crazy? Neck and back pain, headaches, clutter, frustration, and jealousy toward those who commute an hour to sit in the corporate office all day are all symptoms of a poorly designed workspace.

Poor design creates strain and fatigue, but a well designed office can actually help you work more efficiently and frustration-free.
Read on to redesign!

Step #1: Assess Your Situation
Working at a desk is a physical activity. Every time you turn in your chair, crook your neck to use the phone, or focus on the screen, you???re using a certain set of muscles. Those muscles, like a runner???s legs or a weightlifter???s bicep, are subject to fatigue.

Okay, you???re not a triathlete in the office, but if you???re behind the desk a lot, a poor office design will leave you feeling tense and fatigued at the end of the day.

Spend a couple hours working and take note of every time you twist awkwardly in your chair, reach for a heavy object that???s too far away, get up to fetch something, or rub your sore eyes.

Looking to be more productive in your home office? Then checkout this article with home office productivity ideas that could be of interest to you.

Read the entire article here: http://www.dumblittleman.com/2012/05/turn-your-home-office-into-productivity.html

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