Looking to Buy a New Home? Here Are Some Things to Consider First!

Buying a new home can be scary and very stressful. Say you’ve found a home that you love, should you just jump in and buy it? Objectively the answer is no. We found this article with several things to consider before putting an offer on a home. We hope that this will help you not have any buyer’s regret. Good luck!

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From the article:

Visit at various times of day
The windows that let in so much light during the day may be a peeping Tom???s dream at night. That seemingly quiet residential street may be a noisy, highway-feeder street during morning or evening rush hour; or it may be near impossible to get from your quiet street across traffic and onto the feeder street in the morning. The adjacent school may seem like a nice perk if you???re buying in the summer, but during the school year, daily playground noise and extra traffic may be more than you bargained for.

Talk to neighbors
How many people in the neighborhood own their homes? Sometimes it???s hard to tell at first if you???re choosing a neighborhood that???s primarily rental houses.

Get a home inspection
Virtually all houses have defects, according to National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents. Some will be obvious and most will be curable. But knowing what needs fixing can help you negotiate a lower price ??? or at least prepare you for costs you???re soon to incur. Strongly consider getting inspections, too, for lead paint, radon and wood-eating pests.

Ask for utility bills
You may adore the Cape Cod architectural style or the high ceilings and walls of glass in a modern home ??? but those winter heating and summer cooling bills may push your monthly payments beyond affordable. Ditto for the water bills you???ll pay to maintain a pristine landscape.

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For all the things to consider click here: http://www.realtor.com/home-finance/real-estate/buyers/14-things-to-consider-before-buying-home.aspx

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