Looking to Buy New Home Decor on a Budget? Get Ideas Here!

Making decor updates to your home can be really pricey. In order to help you out we found this article with home decor ideas while on a budget. We hope it helps you make your home just as you’d always hoped!

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From the article:

It seems like sometimes we get so busy in life that our homes become one of two things: the place where we work everyday (and never leave) or the place we come home to at night to eat, clean and sleep in. Days, months and years go by. Our kids (or pets) stain, rip, bump, destroy or beat the crap out of whatever nice home accessories and furniture we have. This scenario as well as other expenses in life can make it hard to justify buying (or replacing) ornamental home decor. However, deep down most of us want to live in spaces that make us feel relaxed, happy, cozy. We want them to be welcoming to our guests. I know I do (that???s why I have 572 Pinterest Pins for inspiration)! But I struggle because I feel like anything nice I would buy would get jacked up minutes after entering our house of 3 kids and a Beagle. Honestly, our spaces are what bring us more satisfaction and comfort in life so I???ve decided that from this point forward I???m going to shop at the thriftiest places to buy new home decor. That way when my son smears strawberry yogurt all over my rug, I don???t have a panic attack, yell or cry. I just grab my upholstery cleaner, knock out the stain and move on.

Shop at the Thriftiest Places to Buy New Home Decor

Target is my favorite store hands down. I don???t always find their home decor to be super cheap but you can???t beat their clearance prices on decorations. Always go down the back aisle behind the rows so that you see the end-caps of the aisles in each department. These are the spots that you will find frames, art, towels, curtains, bedding, wall hangings, furniture, lamps and trinkets discounted all the time.

I got my curtains & pillows from Target but I used 3 things to get them much cheaper.

1. Cartwheel had an app that was 25% off the price of curtains.

2. I had a cash register coupon for $5 off a $25 home decor purchase.

3. I had received my 5% pharmacy reward shopping day coupon.

4. I used my Red Debit card for 5% off my purchase.

5. The pillows came in a 2 pack for $25.99 on sale + I used a coupon from the Target website.

Hobby Lobby
This isn???t about DIYing your own decor, even though you could at Hobby Lobby. In general Hobby Lobby has some of the nicest home decor I???ve seen and they have it to match every style. I???ve decorated most of my house from my husbands man cave, to my shabby chic office to my son???s toddler room with items found at this store. The beauty is that pretty much anytime you go in there you will find home decor 40-50% off whatever the tag says. If not, they ALWAYS have a 40% off coupon on the website. Here are some things you could easily find at a reasonable cost at Hobby Lobby:

– Decorative knobs for drawers, cabinets and furniture
– Wall hangings and art
– Lamps
– Picture Frames
– Decorative and Storage Baskets
– Furniture

Thrifty Tip– They also regularly clearance home decor at 80-90% off. It???s usually 1-2 whole rows of stuff. Just look for the signs or ask a store employees where you can find those aisles.

Looking for more home decor ideas? Checkout this article about home decor ideas that could be of interest to you.

Read the entire article here: http://thriftylittlemom.com/2014/08/07/thriftiest-places-buy-new-home-decor/

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