Looking to Design or Remodel Your Home? Checkout These Tips for Success!

Designing or remodeling a home is a big deal. It can cost a lot of money and no one wants to make a mistake on such a large scale. We found this article with 50 different tips for success. We hope they help!

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From the article:

New Home is a dream of everyone and no one wants to leave any stone unturned to decorate it with various decorating styles which are different, appealing and charming to everyone from design and decoration perspective. Home should have comfort, coziness and style which should stand out.

However, for folks who would be building or searching for the new ways or ideas for decoration, it is really very difficult to get everything right in the first step. We will try to lay down sequence of steps which should take you down the path of right decoration style. We will also try to explain the logic and methods of judging the different varieties available in the market. However, decoration style is a subjective matter as it depends on individuals??? choice, style and personality. This article should make your decision making rather more conscious, try to provide objective opinion to ease things a bit and help you decide better.

People usually decorate their homes according to their taste and style. They normally decorate based on a single theme and style, ranging from contemporary, ethnical, vaastu-compliant or a mix of one or two main themes. Think diligently over it and decide which could be the one that could suit your way of living, style and personality.

We will try to provide home decoration guide for first timers??? as to how to start from the stage where the building structure is already been built or is already in place but there is lot to do after that before it could take shape of your dream home.

Overall Color Theme: Now even the first step is dicey as often couple fight over the choice and ultimate selection of the primary color theme for the house. We suggest that the couple should somehow try and select a color that is of interest to both. Decorating the home with a single color is only advisable when it is adored by everybody. If not, then couples should avoid painting everything in one color. Each color has its own characteristic and a hidden message that speaks a lot about the person.

Flooring: Floors and Ceilings are the most important factors that influence the overall home decoration efforts and choosing them wisely will not only be the factor which you will cherish for long but will also have bearing on ways you can go forwards in your overall home decoration and theme selection. It is no secret that as you move toward white/lighter shades of color, the overall space in home looker bigger. Keeping that in mind, we recommend that light shades of flooring material for the flats where floor to height ratio is not that much in comparison to traditional house or villas. There are plenty of choices in this space both in unorganized as well as in branded space. Vitrified Tiles, Marble, Granite and Wooden flooring are ruling the heart these days. Vitrified Tiles have bending problems in larger sizes due to which the joints tend to catch dirt more often than marble flooring. Apart from that, aesthetically modern titles can complete with any world class Italian marbles any day and also remain lighter on pocket coming at price of 20 to 30% of the prices of good Italian marbles.

Lights: Lighting is an ingredient part of home d??cor and varies according to different sections of the home. Kitchen should be well lit, drawing room can have fluorescent or bright lights and bedroom should be lit dim. Few of the lighting accessories that lighten up the room and look amazing include light shades, chandeliers, candles, and pendant lights, among many others. Dimmers to control the lighting of the above mentioned light sources are advised.

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Read the entire article here: http://www.artsnyou.com/blog/home-decor-paintings-vases-statues/

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