Looking to Improve Communication Skills at Home? Learn The Ways Here!

Communication in any relationship is very important. No relationship can really thrive without good communication. In order to help improve communication skills in your home we found this article for you. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

Our Top 10 Tips For How To Improve Communication Skills at Home

Most of us don’t even wait for people to finish a sentence before we chime in with what we have to say.

A good rule of thumb is to wait 5-10 seconds for your child to answer. It gives your child time to process what they want to say. This can also prevent or diminish stuttering in some children.

If you demand that your child say a sound correctly, especially if it is a sound that doesn’t develop until they are older…

…please stop!

Over correcting is the exact opposite way of how to improve communication skills.

The more you demand they say something right, the worse it may likely get. You don’t want to make talking and saying speech sounds a negative thing, because they just might stop doing it altogether.

Analogy time: Trying to “make” your child talk or say a sound “right” is like trying to tell someone who can’t cook, to cook better.

This can be tricky to balance. You need to talk to them as if they are adults but still remember they are children.

Talking with them like an adult doesn’t mean use adult vocabulary, jokes, or information they won’t understand. It means take turns, use eye contact, and value what they say.

As for younger children, there will many times they say something you don’t understand (gibberish), but again, take your turn, make your best guess about what they are talking about and reply to them…

…even if you’re not sure what they’re talking about.

Don’t talk to them in baby talk all the time. It’s O.K. every now and again, but after they are about 9 months old, try to limit how much you do it.

I’m not talking about being a good “role model”, although you need to be that too, I mean a good speaking model.

If you want to build strong speech and language skills in your child, you need to show that you have skills yourself. A good rule of thumb for how to improve communication skills is to talk slightly above your child’s level.

That way they will be stretched enough to keep building their skills.

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Read the entire article here: http://www.home-speech-home.com/how-to-improve-communication-skills.html

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