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Having a home security camera can bring peace of mind regardless of why you want one. Whether there has been break-ins in the neighborhood, you’re going out of town for an extended trip, or you just want to keep an eye on your kids a security camera can be a great investment. If you aren’t sure what kind to get then you’ve come to the right place. We found this article with more information. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

Surveillance isn???t just for TV cops on a stakeout. Cameras also help keep homes, families and businesses safe and secure. This article will help you figure out which type of security camera will best suit your needs.

Security and Surveillance
If your goal is to protect a home or business by keeping tabs on what’s going on inside and out, there are several types of camera you may consider:

Bullet cameras: These are the familiar, cylindrical cameras we see everywhere. A bullet camera may resemble a tube of lipstick, though some more robust models are the size of a soda can. These are great if you know exactly where you want camera coverage; they can be wall-mounted and left to do their work.

Dome cameras: These are the ceiling-mounted ???eye in the sky??? type security cameras. Some are fixed in place, others can be remotely controlled to pan, tilt and zoom in for a closer look.

Live streaming cameras: Ideal for remote, unmanned monitoring. These cameras can sit on a piece of furniture, and are designed to feed a signal directly to a computer or mobile device for live viewing. Some can also pan, tilt and scan by remote control.

Hidden cameras: If you???re really trying to catch someone who???s up to no good, you don???t want them to know they???re being watched. These cameras are designed to look like something else, so troublemakers are none the wiser.

Wireless cameras: Plug-and-play wireless cameras have become very popular, as they are easily integrated into existing home automation schemes. The Nest Cam, Arlo and Samsung SmartThings are good examples.

Living color
In some cases, color images can be invaluable. An accurate description of an intruder???s clothing or the color of the car that sideswiped your motorcycle may be exactly what the authorities need to crack the case. Color cameras are most effective in well-lighted areas; as a general rule, a black-and-white camera will offer superior low-light imaging at higher resolution for less money. Carefully consider the benefits of each for your specific situation when choosing a security camera.

Track anything that moves
You may not want a camera running non-stop around your home. Some security cameras are able to detect movement and self-activate. You may end up with fifty short films about your restless cat, but wouldn???t you rather be absolutely sure? A camera with a memory buffer will constantly record a few seconds of video, so that nothing is missed in the moments before the motion sensor is triggered.

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Read the entire article here: https://www.crutchfield.com/S-2BKUWhkyeDK/learn/security-camera-buying-guide.html

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