Looking to Learn How to Speed Clean? Learn How Here!

CleanDo you feel like cleaning your home during the summer? If you’re like most of us then the answer is probably no. You’d rather be outside or spending quality time with your family. We found this article on speed cleaning that we hope will help you maintain your home while not spending a lot of time cleaning your home!

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From the article:

Here are my favorite speed cleaning tips for fast and efficient housekeeping!

1. Get your daily routines down.
If I keep up with my basic routines, things don???t get so out of control in the first place. My house will stay clean enough! Trust me on this, cleaning routines will change your life.

Try my 4 Daily Routines or make up your own! The important thing is that you get yourself in a simple rhythm of daily upkeep of your home. Once you do, all the other necessary homemaking tasks will not seem so overwhelming or take so long in a day. This is so important!

2. Dress for success!
Want to fly through your cleaning routine? What you wear just might affect the efficiency in which you clean! I certainly find that to be true. I actually do not clean well in my PJs. Sorry to disappoint you PJ loving people, but it just doesn???t work for me. My clothes tell me what I can accomplish. PJs and slippers tell me to be lazy and slow and maybe even crawl back in bed. I can do a quick load of laundry while still in my PJs, but anything else and I am good for nothing.

Shoes and clothes tell me it is time to get down to business and start the day. Too nice of clothes tell me I shouldn???t clean at all. Aprons tell me it is OK to tackle a quick cleaning job no matter what I???m wearing.

Moral of this story, I find I need to be dressed appropriately for cleaning or wear an apron in order to be efficient. Try it. Get dressed and I bet you???ll be more efficient. I dare you.

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Click here to read all of the tips: http://theinspiredroom.net/2012/06/04/speed-cleaning-tips-for-fast-efficient-housekeeping/

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