Looking to Make Your Home More Green but Don’t Want Solar Panels? Take a Look at This Idea!

With everyone wanting to go green and be more conscientious of the environment, even if only to save some money, it can be difficult to know what to focus on. Some people are totally sold on solar panels. Others not so much. If you’re in the not so much category then we’ve come up with an alternative for you. Take a look at this article we found. We hope it helps you save the environment and save some money!

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From the article:

SolTech Energy, a Swedish company selling solutions for clean solar power, has developed a unique home heating system contained within roofing tiles made out of ordinary transparent glass. The attractive house-warming tiles (somewhat ironically) give roofs a beautiful, icy appearance quite unlike anything else we???ve ever seen before.

So what makes the system so special and award worthy? For starters, the tiles are made from ordinary glass and have about the same weight as those made of clay. Secondly, the system doesn???t, like competitors??? versions, heat up water or vacuum pipes, but clean air. The tiles are installed on top of a black nylon canvas, under which air slots are mounted. The black colour absorbs heat from the sun and the air starts to circulate. The hot air is then used to heat up water, which is connected to the house???s heating system via an accumulator. The beauty of the system is that it cuts energy costs throughout the year, during dark winter days as well as night time, due to its capacity to store heat in the isolating layers of air under the canvas.

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Read the entire article here: http://awareness-time.com/award-winning-design-glass-roof-tiles-capture-solar-energy-to-heat-your-home-during-winter/

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