Looking to Makeover the Outside of Your Home This Spring? Checkout these Ideas!

When spring comes it’s time to head outside and enjoy the weather! Who wants to do that though if their house is boring to look at? In order to help make the outside of your home better to look at we found this great article with great ideas to spruce up your home. We hope you find something that will peak your interest!

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From the article:

That???s the thing about home improvement projects???once you get started, you find many other areas that need your attention. But with the weather being that perfect blend of not too hot and not too cold, there???s nowhere I???d rather be than outdoors!

It all started when I looked around my yard earlier this month and realized that although the flowers were blooming and the sun was shining, my outdoor space wasn???t quite ready for spring. I knew it was time for an outdoor makeover, and over the past week, this endeavor has included everything from xeriscaping to affordable DIY projects. As promised, today I???m sharing a few snapshots of the process.

Reviving Potted Plants
I spent as much time reviving my planters this week as I did xeriscaping, trimming and filling in the greenery gaps. Winter was hard on my potted plants, even though I brought them inside from time to time and covered them during cold snaps. So when it came to getting my yard ready for spring, some plants just had to go. Like the dead fern near my front door. Time to refill the planter with a fresh fern selection!

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For all the ideas click here: http://www.decoist.com/2014-04-11/spring-outdoor-makeover-projects/

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