Looking to Organize Your Home Office to Get Even More Done? Start Here!

Every home needs a home office in some capacity as we all have bills and other paperwork that need to be organized. Depending upon how much time you spend in your home office it becomes even more important to be even more efficient. In order to help you out we found this article with helpful tips on how to organize your home office so you can be more productive. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

You may think that you don???t have time to organize your office, but if you really knew how much time that disorganization cost you, you???d reconsider. Rearranging and moving piles occasionally doesn???t count. Neither does clearing off your desk, if you swipe the mess into a bin, or a desk drawer. A relatively neat and orderly office space clears the way for higher productivity and less wasted time.

Organizing your office doesn???t have to take days, it can be done a little at a time. In fact maintaining an organized office is much more effective if you treat it like an ongoing project, instead of a massive assault. So, if you???re ready to get started, the following tips will help you transform your office into an efficient workspace.

Great Tips to Organize Your Office Space
Purge your office ??? De-clutter, empty, shred, get rid of everything that you don???t need or want. Look around. What haven???t you used in a while? Take one area at a time. If it doesn???t work, send it out for repair or toss it. If you haven???t used it in months and can???t think of when you???ll actually need it, out it goes. This goes for furniture, equipment, supplies, etc. Don???t forget about knick-knacks, plants (real or artificial), and decorations ??? if they???re covered with dust and make your office look shabby, they???re fair game.

Gather and redistribute ??? Gather up every item that isn???t where it belongs and put it where it does.

Establish work ???zones??? ??? Decide what type of activity happens in each area of your office. You???ll probably have a main workspace (most likely your desk,) a reference area (filing cabinet, shelves, binders,) and a supply area (closet, shelves or drawers.) Place the appropriate equipment and supplies are located in the proper area as much as possible.

Get a good labeler ??? Choose a label maker that???s simple to use. Take the time to label shelves, bins, baskets drawers. Not only will it remind you where things go, but it will also help others who may have a need to find, use, or put away anything in your workspace.

Revise your filing system ??? As we move fully into the digital age, the need to store paper files has decreased. What can your store digitally? Are you duplicating files? You may be able to eliminate some of the files and folders you???ve used in the past. If you???re storing files on your computer, make sure you are doing regular back-ups.

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Read the entire article here: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/21-tips-to-organize-your-office-and-get-more-done.html

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