Looking to Organize Your Home This Year? Learn 100 Things to Toss Here!

Having an organized home is easy said than done. In order to help you out we found this article with 100 different things to get rid of in order to declutter. We hope it helps you have a more organized home!

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From the article:

Not only will a big purge make you and your family feel more organized, but it can also be great for the mind. Physical clutter can cause stress and leave you less focused. Plus, with fewer things taking up space in your home, you???ll have more room to display the things that bring you joy. In other words, it’s time to Marie Kondo your home.

Whether you take it slowly over the course of a few weeks or plan to tackle it in one weekend, commit to the decluttering project and aim to keep it up throughout the year. As you know, things easily pile up around the house but the more on top of it you stay, the easier it is to maintain.

Below, see our list of 100 things you can toss or donate right now from your home ??? the majority of which you probably won???t even miss.

Bedroom closet
– Clothes you don???t wear anymore
– Clothes that don???t fit
– Uncomfortable shoes
– Old formal dresses you???ll never wear again
– Wire hangers
– Socks missing their match
– Gloves missing their match
– Ratty or stained scarves
– Broken purses
– Extra canvas bags (Have enough for groceries and get rid of the rest.)
– Hats you never wear

Kid???s room
– Dried-out markers and art supplies
– Broken crayons
– Broken toys
– Clothes they???ve grown out of
– Toys they don???t play with anymore
– Furniture they???re too big for now
– Extra artwork

-Broken, rusted or duplicate tools
– Sports equipment that no longer gets used
– Deflated sports balls
– That old refrigerator that doesn???t work anymore
– Things you???re saving for a future garage sale that???s never going to happen
– Old potting soil you no longer need
– Extra paint for a color that???s no longer in your house
– Unfinished DIY projects that will never get completed
– Extra home improvement supplies that you???ll never need
– The picnic basket you haven???t used in years
– Boxes for appliances or gadgets you???re saving just in case
– The folding card table that???s scratched or broken

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Read the entire article here: http://www.today.com/home/100-things-toss-home-t106544

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