Looking to Remote Control Your Home? Checkout These Ideas!

Leather_key_chainWith so many advances in technology it’s no wonder that that technology has found it’s way into our homes. In order to help you discover what’s available for your home we found this article with five different ways to remote control your home. We hope it helps you better control your home!

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From the article:

You could call it the march of progress. First, technology allowed you to preset your VCR, and later it let you program your TiVo. Now you can watch videos on demand on your phone or tablet. Next up: devices and apps that let you set and reset your home???s systems and appliances, no matter where you are. Some can even learn your habits. Take a look.

Lock Up Without a Key
Copying a key and handing it to anyone who needs to get into your house isn???t wise. August Smart Lock (www.august.com; $250) is an innovative alternative: It???s a deadbolt that unlocks via a smartphone app. The Bluetooth-enabled Smart Lock replaces the latch on the inside of your door; the outside hardware remains the same. Using your iPhone or Android phone???s contacts, you send a ???virtual key??? that allows the recipient to unlock the door wirelessly.

Bonus: Smart Lock, which runs on four AA batteries, works with a real key if the juice runs out.

Communicate With Major Home Appliances
Competition is heating up (and cooling down) for ranges and refrigerators that can be controlled from your smartphone. For example, GE Brillion double wall ovens ($3,100 to $3,800) and freestanding ranges ($1,600 to $2,100) let you turn on the oven and control the temperature with a mobile app for Apple or Android when you???re out. You can monitor the self-cleaning progress of LG Electronics??? Smart ThinQ range ($1,400) from your phone. Samsung has a high-end, smart refrigerator ($3,600), which comes with an 8-inch Wi-Fi-enabled LCD that connects wirelessly to a home network.

Our take: You may want to hold off until you have even more choices and prices come down.

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Read the entire article here: http://www.kiplinger.com/printslideshow.php?pid=12852

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