Looking to Renovate Your Bathroom on a Budget? Get Ideas Here!

Your bathroom is one of the rooms that can make or break a home. In order to help you update it on a budget we found this article. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

About six and a half years ago, I moved in to my now husband, then fiance???s house. Our friends and family know that I haven???t hidden the fact that there were lots of things I was not a fan of in this home. Okay, I flat out complained about all of them, but over time have done a lot of easy swapping of furniture and area rugs as well as some painting. However, one thing has remained is the number one sore spot for me. The guest bathroom. A place I lovingly refer to as ???The Bathroom From H*ll.??? Well??? not anymore.

My biggest roadblock was picking tile. Which seemed like a crucial element in setting the tone for the room. In the past Craig and I had visited tile stores and roamed the aisles of a few different stores and I hated basically every single thing we saw. Too modern, too Tuscan, too just plain ugggly.

Until I saw this gray woodgrain tile on what I thought would be my ???I give up??? tile trip to Home Depot. It was new (so I wasn???t totally losing my mind) and the second I saw it I knew it was the one. Oh, and it was INEXPENSIVE! That never happens. At about $2.40 a square foot we used it for the floor and the inside of the shower for about $300. I asked our amazing contractor to run the tile throughout the floor and up the wall in what would seem like a seamless line with the exception of the tub. Since it???s a small bathroom I thought this would give the effect of making the room seem larger, and it did. I made the awesome decision to use this gorgeous grout color and I???m so glad I did. It???s a light gray which does not show dirt and blends in really well with the tile.

The next hurdle was a vanity. Why is it so incredibly hard to pick a vanity? Seriously, I have no idea. This is a pretty small bathroom so I couldn???t go too crazy, but (after like 30 hours of looking) I wound up with this simple white vanity with a marble top. It has self closing drawers, a big spacious storage cabinet and a nice veins in the marble for about $500. If your space is smaller this one is great as well.

I started out looking at Kohler faucets and didn???t love the less expensive ones. Of course the ones I did like were $800 and up and well that just seemed crazy for a faucet. So when I found this faucet I was super excited and it was $154.

And what pulled the room together and gave it that understated upscale look? The paint. Before we tore it apart this bathroom had a peachy pink tile (ick) and bisque colored walls. Behr actually sent me a couple of gallons of their new Marquee paint in the awesome color Silver City to check out. It was the perfect shade to fall between the gray of the woodgrain tile, the white of the tub, toilet and vanity and work well with the brushed nickel fixtures. It is literally my perfect color.

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Read the entire article here: http://www.mommytesters.com/2014/05/how-i-renovated-our-bathroom-on-budget.html

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