Looking to Spruce Up Your Laundry Room? Take a Look at These Ideas!

The laundry room is something that gets a lot of use regardless of the size of family that you have. If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your laundry room then you’ve come to the right place. We found this article with different ideas to spruce up your laundry room. We hope it gives you ideas on what you can do to your laundry room!

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From the article:

Places to hang clothes and multipurpose spaces are at the top of Houzzers??? wish lists for their laundry rooms, it seems. In the 10 most popular laundry room photos uploaded to Houzz in 2016, half contain a space visibly dedicated to hanging clothes, and four rooms serve a dual purpose. Take a look to see if your favorite laundry room photos made the list.

Space-saving methods make this laundry room work. The designer moved the sink, stacked the appliances, and added floating shelves in the 50-square-foot laundry room. The pull-down ironing board provides more function without taking up much space.

Tucked-away appliances and storage give this laundry room extra countertop space. The designer added even more space to the sunny room by putting a fabric skirt on the free-standing sink.

The laundry room and mudroom meet again. The over-the-appliances countertop gives plenty of room for chores, and a rug and a shelf of hooks anchors the room as an entry space.

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Read the entire article here: https://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/76458078/list/the-top-10-laundry-room-photos-of-2016

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