Looking to Turn Your Kitchen Into More of a Manly Space? Checkout These Ideas!

Sometimes it can be difficult to design spaces for both men and women. One of those places is in the kitchen. In order to help you with ideas on designing your kitchen in a more manly way we found this article to help you out. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

The kitchen has always been traditionally seen as the woman’s domain but recent years have seen men reclaiming the space.

The rise of celebrity chefs such as the Hairy Bikers have shown that it’s possible to be manly and a darned good cook at the same time; making a mean lasagne doesn’t mean you automatically forget the offside rule.

With uber-sharp knives, naked flames, and fierce gadgets like the chef’s blow-torch, it almost feels like the kitchen is the natural habitat for a man. Plus, of course, there’s the added advantage of being able to decide what to have for dinner… being dished up a tiny meal that doesn’t even touch the sides is a thing of the past!

But to make a kitchen feel like your own, you need to cast aside the cute accessories and make this a true man cave; here are a few ideas on how to create a kitchen fit for a Gordon Ramsay-style feast.

Accommodate your height
Being a man in a kitchen can sometimes mean the dimensions are all out of whack, particularly if you top 6 feet tall.

Kitchen work-surfaces come in a standard height, which can be just a couple of inches too low for comfort if you’re built on the lanky side. Cupboard doors can present another headache – quite literally, if you forget they’re open and bang your head.

By creating a custom kitchen, you can request non-standard sizes, raising the work-surfaces to make it more comfortable for you to prepare your culinary masterpiece. If you will be sharing the kitchen with your other half or family, bear in mind this could end up being a double-edged sword: if the work surface is too high for anyone else to use easily, you may end up being the chef every night, like it or not!

If you are likely to be in and out of cupboards as you chop, saut??, and bake, constantly opening and closing doors can be annoying. However, the simple open and shut mechanism has been given a modern overhaul and there are now a number of innovative solutions available.

Rather than a side to side motion, there are doors which flip down, giving you an extra work surface as well as removing the chances of you banging your head. Alternatively, you could opt for the rather Bond-esque pocket cupboard doors instead. This look like any ordinary door when closed, but once opened can be slid back into a hidden recess, allowing you unrestricted access to the cupboard without having to constantly duck around it.

A nice collection
Most men appreciate a shiny rack of knives, and the difference between a chef’s quality set and a battered old block can be substantial.

Chopping can be made much easier with the right knife, and with a bit of TLC, a set of good quality chef’s knives can last for many years. You won’t want to plunk them in the dishwasher, though; this can warp the sensitive blade. Instead, simply rinse them in warm, soapy water and sharpen regularly to ensure they continue to deliver maximum performance.

It???s time to invest in some quality knives.
One word of warning: if you leave your knives to soak, don’t forget they are there. Plunging your arms into a bowl of soapy water with chef’s knives lurking at the bottom is likely to result in you losing a finger or two. And that’s not going to make your chopping any easier, even if you do have the best knives around…

A great accompaniment to a set of chef’s knives is a butcher’s block. Reassuringly solid, it’s the perfect place to chop and prepare your ingredients. Whether you are dicing peppers or pounding meat, a butcher’s block will provide a stable surface for you to do your thing.

As an extra little treat, getting the right tenderizer can really help you get a good grip. The Knuckle Pounder looks and feels just like a knuckleduster, allowing you to really give the steak a good going over. Perfect for use at the end of a really tiring day…

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Read the entire article here: http://www.goedekers.com/blog/kitchen-man-cave/

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