Looking to Upgrade Your Laundry Room? Checkout These Ideas!

7a13298c608b[1]Laundry rooms are unique in the fact that their primary function is to be functional. Regardless of the space you have available for a laundry room it needs to be functional for your needs.

Checkout this article that we found that we hope will give you ideas on ways to upgrade your laundry room to better suit your needs!

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From the article:

Tip #1 ~ Add Storage

The goal is to keep your laundry room and workspace as clean as possible with minimal maintenance. Ask yourself, how can you maximize this space?
??? Add a counter on top?
??? Add shelving or a cabinet? {above or below washer/dryer}
??? Add a clothes hanging rod?
??? Can you stack the washer and dryer?

Create a folding station. In The Fun Lane maximized her laundry room layout by completely starting from scratch! She gutted her room and installed new floor to ceiling cabinets and added a table on top of her washer and dryer to create a folding station. Two shelves from Ikea complete the look and add storage at her finger tips.

Looking for more storage ideas in your laundry room? Checkout this article with laundry room storage ideas for homeowners that could be of interest to you.

Get the checklists here: http://www.tipjunkie.com/diy-decorating/upgrade-laundry-rooms/

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