Love the Idea of a Mud Room? Take a Look at These Ideas!

Mud rooms are rooms that some people find a must have and other people don’t really give it a second thought. In order to either help open your eyes to what a mud room could do for your home or to give you ideas on what to include in your mudroom we’ve found this article for you. We hope it helps your design your perfect mud room!

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From the article:

When asked people to share their best mudrooms, we were surprised by the outpouring of love for a room whose most important function is storing and organizing boots, coats, gloves ??? basically, the things we shed as soon as we enter the house. Readers and design pros offered their ideas for making the room work harder by configuring it to suit everything from pets to gift wrapping.

Byron Haynes and Andrew Garthwaite of Haynes & Garthwaite Architects say that mudrooms are more than a luxury in New England ??? they are essential. In this one the clutter is hidden in a wall of cabinets. ???The owners are very active,??? says Haynes. ???They ski, climb, snowshoe ??? you name it. The cabinets allow them to stow all that stuff and still have a space that looks tidy.??? Their big idea was to outfit the doors with slatted windows, allowing air to circulate and dry damp gear.

The other life-bettering move was to install radiant heat under the tiled floor. Haynes says the heat not only feels good on the feet; it helps dry wet boots.

Designer Diane Gordon calls her new mudroom no less than a life changer. ???For 10 years we trekked across the patio from our garage to the house,??? she says. ???I have two teenagers, and there were wet boots and coats all over the place.??? The designer created an addition that bridged the space between garage and house ??? she describes it as a covered breezeway. ???On a day like today, when the temperature is 0, you really appreciate it,??? she says.

There is radiant heat under the terra-cotta tile floors, but the designer says it???s more for comfort than for drying. ???The space is a bit chilly,??? she says.

Right now, in the dead of winter, she puts out boot trays under the row of hooks. Old metal locker baskets in the cubbies are assigned to each family member.

The bench has drawers that hold regular shoes. One is for the designer and her husband; the other is for the kids.

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