More Dryer Fire Statistics

Standalone_1175X1290Dryers start fires. It’s a fact. Still don’t believe us? Read this article and decide for yourself.

From the article:

In 2010, an estimated 16,800 reported U.S. home* structure fires involving clothes dryers or washing machines (including combination washer/dryers) resulted in an estimated:

  • 51 civilian deaths
  • 380 civilian injuries
  • $236 million in direct property damage??

Leading Items First Ignited in Non-Confined Fires Involving??Clothes Washer or Clothes Dryer, 2006-2010

Dryer Fires??

  • Dust, fiber, or lint 29%
  • Clothing 28%
  • Unclassified soft goods or clothing 9%

Washer Fires

  • Wire or cable insulation 26%
  • Appliance housing or casing 21%
  • Drive belt 15%

In 2006-2010:

  • Most (81%) home structure fires involving washers or dryers began in a laundry room??or area.
  • Most of these home fires involve clothes dryers (92%).
  • The risk of fire is roughly equal for gas-fueled clothes dryers and electric-powered
  • clothes dryers.
  • The leading cause (32%) of home clothes dryer and washer fires was failure to clean.

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