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Saving money is something that everyone likes doing. Going solar in order to save money is a big step though. In order to help you out in determining if it’s the best decision for you and your family we found this article with more information. We hope it helps you make the best decision possible!

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From the article:

It’s becoming cheaper and easier to power your home with energy from the sun.
It???s a good time to invest in solar energy for your home. The cost of a home solar system has dropped dramatically, and there are even more options available to pay for one. Here???s what you need to know.

Number 1: Solar Systems Are Getting Cheaper. The cost to buy a solar power system has fallen by about 50% since 2007, to an average upfront cost of $4,590 per kilowatt. It???ll likely take you between seven and 15 years to recoup your upfront cost. The higher the electric rate you currently pay, the more sunshine your location receives, and the financial incentives that are available to you can all positively affect your return on solar.

Number 2: You???ll Need Shade-Free Space. For each kilowatt of capacity, you???ll need 100 square feet of mostly unshaded, south-facing space. Solar panels may be mounted on a flat or sloped roof or in your yard. Besides the panels, you???ll need an inverter to convert a direct current to an alternating current, a tie-in to the local utility grid and, possibly, a monitoring system that tells the installer how much power you???re producing.

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