Need More Storage? Take a Look at These Cabinets!

Storage is the one thing in every home that there doesn’t seem to be enough of. Or it’s not very functional. In order to help you out we found this article with cabinet storage solutions. We hope you find something that will work for you and your home!

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From the article:

Cabinets are the critical, final piece of a finished home. They transform empty space into living space. They provide pizazz, substance and, above all, organization for all kinds of things, from kitchen plates to bathroom towels to living room media equipment. But poorly designed cabinets can be frustrating, a waste of money and a visual blemish on an otherwise lovely design.

Our cabinet series will help you navigate the process of choosing well-designed cabinets for your home. To kick off the series, let???s go over some of the basics you???ll want to keep in mind as you embark on selecting cabinet style, materials and more.

Project: New cabinets

Why: To improve the style and function of your home

First thing to consider: Determine the scope of your project and decide how many cabinets you???ll be designing and installing. If designing for an entire home, you have the opportunity to create a uniform cabinet package that suits the style of your home and complements it throughout its living spaces.

If your cabinet project consists of just one room (or a section of your home), you need to decide if the new cabinets should contrast with what exists or blend in.

What Do You Want Your Cabinets to Accomplish?
New cabinets serve different purposes for different people. If you???re building a new home, new cabinets are a necessity but also a stylistic opportunity.

On the other hand, when remodeling a kitchen you might be more concerned with creating an efficient workspace around a package of new appliances, or perhaps you???re most interested in achieving a specific style, like that white farmhouse kitchen you???ve been dreaming of.

More often than not, a balance needs to be struck between style, functionality and cost. You should start by prioritizing your desires and acknowledging any constraints you face, such as timing, cost and the structural realities of your home.

Design 101
Cabinet designers need to balance two things: style and function.

With garage cabinets, for example, storage and function are probably much more important than style. For a powder room vanity, the function (a place to wash your hands) is easily achieved, and style becomes the more important factor, which is why we see such a wide variety in powder room vanity styles. They all meet the functional criteria, but the look is limited only by the imagination.

In just about all other areas of the home, we see more of a balance between the functionality of the cabinets and the look and feel of the space. A good cabinet designer understands the basic functional requirements for different types of cabinets (media, kitchen, display) and fulfills them with seeming effortlessness while also providing fresh design.

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