Toddlers Always Wanting to Help Around the House? Learn Ways They Can Help Out Here!

Toddlers are curious creatures. They love to make our lives crazy and be incredibly loving and helpful. Sometimes it can be hard to come up with ideas on how best to have them help around the house. In order to help you out we found this article with 11 different chore ideas. We hope they help!

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From the article:

It is sometimes easy to underestimate the abilities of our children, especially when they are toddlers. It is easy to just do everything for them. I get that. Letting them do stuff themselves is definitely the hard way but it is not the best way to raise responsible and independent people. Getting your toddler involved in chores can be an important step in developing responsible and independent behaviour. It???s also a good way to help your child build positive self-esteem knowing they have not only contributed to the family and household, but that you also trust them to do a good job. That???s why I???ve come with a few chores your toddler can do all by themselves.

Keep in mind that your toddler is not an adult. Do not expect perfection and remember to praise and encourage your child as they are working rather than waiting for them to finish.

Pick Up Toys
Your toddler is definitely capable of picking up their own toys each day. Because your toddler is the one making the mess, it???s important that they are also the ones to pick up those toys, making picking up toys a great chore to start your toddler with. This will help your toddler become more organized and you???ll love not stepping on Legos on your way to the bathroom.

Wash Produce
Sit your toddler at the sink and have them rinse off your produce as you prep your meals. This is a fun way to keep them occupied while you cook.

Wipe Door Handles
Your toddler is the perfect height for this fun chore! If this chore is on your toddler???s to-do list, then hand them a Clorox wipe and let them run around wiping all of the door knobs off. Not only will your child be responsible for a weekly chore, they???ll also be ridding your home of a lot of germs. It???s a win-win for any mom.

Make their Bed
Don???t forget to add your child???s bed to the chore list. This is a great daily chore that you can assign to your toddler. Simply have your toddler make their own bed before leaving the bedroom. To do this, your toddler will need to straighten the pillows and pull the blanket up over the pillows. Not only is this a good chore to teach your child responsibility, it???s also a great habit to learn.

Wash Dirty Dishes
Your toddler will love this job between the bubbles and the water. Get them to wash up and dry any non-breakable dishes such as plastic cups, spoons, pots etc..

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