Want to Be Better Organized? Learn How With Tension Rods Here!

Staying organized everywhere in the house is hard. Learning little, cheap organization tips can be a real lifesaver. In order to help you out with that we found this article on organization ideas you can do with tension rods. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

The humble tension rod is a fantastic tool to use in your home for a number of reasons; or rather, a combination of a number of reasons: it???s cheap, it???s easy to find, it???s practical, it???s adjustable, it???s versatile, and it is so easy to install. Oh, and with no drilling, there???s no risk of ruining any walls. Whether you???re using it to help organize and store some of your stuff, or just to make things a little prettier around your beloved home, you???ll be amazed at just how handy these things really are!

Shoe Storage
When it comes to storing and organizing your shoes, you need to ensure that your solution keeps your beauties safe, and that it???s easy to see exactly what you have on offer. Using a tension rod as shoe rack is brilliant because not only does it do just that, but it???s cheap, quick, and doesn???t require any drilling into the walls.

Window Awning
If you want to give a room a bit of French flair then consider a window awning ??? it???s such a simple touch that makes a real impact. And all you really need is to position two rods and hang a drop cloth over them to achieve the distinct style.

Pantry/Drawer Dividers
The kitchen is often the most cluttered room, simply because we have so much to store in there! If you???re struggling to store and organize things like lids, trays, chopping boards and baking sheets, then a few cleverly placed rods can make the world of difference.

The space underneath your bed is a prime storage spot, but it looks rather unsightly when you???re able to see everything stashed under there. The solution? A tension rod from which to hang some fabric to create the perfect hiding spot.

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Read the entire article here: http://www.diyncrafts.com/14650/organization/20-amazingly-clever-ways-to-use-tension-rods-around-the-home

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