Want to Be More Optimistic? Learn What Habits to Pick Up Here!

Being happier and optimistic about life comes naturally to some people. For others they are naturally more pessimistic or realistic. If you’re looking to become more optimistic we’re here to help you out. We found this article on what habits to adopt. We hope it helps change your outlook on life!

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From the article:

Ever notice how some people just seemingly have a bright outlook on life — even when everything isn’t exactly on the sunny side?

You know those people: They’re the friends who have spilled coffee on their white shirt and still manage to have a nonchalant smile on their face. They’re the co-workers who make a big faux pas during a morning presentation and are still in a good mood at lunch. They look at the upside of life but they still live in reality.

Here’s the secret: They don’t have some magical, unicorn-like powers that make them that way. They just engage in behaviors that reinforce their positive frame-of-mind without making it seem like their head is stuck in the clouds, says Melissa Blakeman, M.D., the regional medical director at Johns Hopkins University.

Below are a few of the habits these realistically positive people practice on a daily basis.

They rid themselves of toxic relationships.
Who you are is partly a reflection of who you choose to surround yourself with — that’s why a good support system is crucial to an optimistic outlook, Blakeman explained. Studies show emotions like stress and happiness are contagious — the more you’re around it, the more likely you are to reflect that attitude.

Armed with this knowledge, positive people build a strong social circle that helps reinforce their upbeat nature. “You’d be amazed by how much a good support group can influence a good attitude,” Blakeman said.

They celebrate the little victories.
Positive people hold big accomplishments and small victories with the same weight, Blakeman said. There’s power in acknowledging the little things.

Research shows that thankfulness can lead to increased optimism, and it’s a habit positive people make a point to practice. Gratitude for the little moments — getting to the subway before it leaves the platform, getting a complimentary email from your boss at work — provides more opportunities to be positive since you’re concentrating on multiple facets of your day.

They plan ahead.
One study conducted by psychology researcher Sophia Chou found that those who identified as realistic optimists believed they had more control over their relationships and circumstances. “Every time they face an issue or a challenge or a problem, they won’t say ‘I have no choice and this is the only thing I can do,'” Chou told LiveScience. They will be creative, they will have a plan A, plan B and plan C.”

However, it’s important to realize when your current situation or planning becomes too overwhelming. Positive thinking is best cultivated with a relaxed mind, so take a break when you feel like you’re getting “so bogged down with the details” that it’s clouding your attitude, Blakeman said.

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Read the entire article here: http://www.cnn.com/2015/05/01/health/positive-people-habits/index.html

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