Want to Make Your Living Room Elegant? Try These Ideas!

Living rooms are the heartbeat of the home. It’s where we actually live and interact as a family. In order to help you spruce up your living room and make it more elegant we found this article with 36 different elegant living room ideas. We hope it gives you the ideas you’re looking for in order to makeover your living room!

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From the article:

Welcome to our gallery featuring pictures of elegant living room designs.

This collection houses rooms that anyone would be proud to douse in superlatives, including luxurious, stately, lush, and grand. With a dizzying array of styles, materials, and colors matched in endless combination, these rooms are set to inspire awe in all who enter.

The only truly recurring motifs are a focus on texture and detail, and a strong visual narrative tying the disparate spaces together.

Some of these rooms share large, open spaces with dining and kitchen areas. Some pack a surprising amount of fine detail into compact spaces. Still others reach for the skies with soaring ceilings, full height windows and marble fireplace surrounds, and elaborate chandeliers.

The more interesting and quirky designs feature a melding of moods: tropical touches on old fashioned luxury, modern structures in natural materials, and bold leaps of color across multiple furniture pieces and wall decoration are but a handful of examples.

We hope you feel as inspired by these rooms as we are.

This room combines classical styling, from wallpaper textures to the camel backed sofa, with modern materials: metallic furniture frames, glossy tabletop, and angular patterned rug over slick marble flooring beneath mirrored ceiling.

Compact living room centered on wood four-piece combination dark wood coffee table. Beige armchairs and grey sofa plus white entertainment cabinetry fill out the look.

Lush cherry wood cabinetry throughout the kitchen area in this shared open space contrast with beige walls and tile flooring, while brown roll arm sofa and dark wood coffee table pair with twin leather ottomans.

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Checkout all the ideas here: http://www.homestratosphere.com/elegant-living-rooms/?utm_source=Outbrain

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