Want to Raise an Optimistic Child? Follow These Tips!

Lucky_child Having an optimistic child is such a blessing, but how do you get one? We found this article with five different tips for raising optimistic children. We hope that it will help you get the children you want!

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From the article:

Model optimism:
Have you ever been stuck in terrible traffic on the way to an important appointment and found yourself muttering, ???We will never get there in time???? Or maybe you???ve circled the parking lot twenty times and finally declared that you will never find a spot. If your kids are with you, chances are they???ve heard your negative thoughts.

Kids internalize what we model for them. And although it can be exhausting to be ???on??? at all times, that???s simply part of parenting.

Reframe your own thoughts, even if you???ve already blurted out something negative, and show your kids that you rely on positive thinking, too. Think out loud when you???re working through something difficult so that your kids see that reaching a positive outcome is a process, and doesn???t always happen in an instant.

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Read all the tips here: http://www.everydayfamily.com/blog/5-tips-for-raising-optimists/?internallink=blogtopslider

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